These Geeks are On Tour!

In case you’ve wondered what’s the deal with Geeks on Tour. What do they do? Why do they say they’re ‘On Tour?’ Let me give you an example of a week in our life …

We get booked to present seminars at RV Rallies, RV Parks, Computer Clubs, Senior Centers, and even people’s homes as we travel around the country in our Motorhome.

We were scheduled for one such seminar at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday, September 12. This is in the Washington D.C. area so we arrived a couple of days early and parked our RV at Cherry Hill RV park, taking advantage of several buses that stop right at the RV park and take you in for sightseeing in D.C.

On Saturday morning, we left the RV park in order to get to Fairfax and do our Google Photos seminar for a joint computer club meeting at 1pm. They did a nice job of promoting us:

Picasa Content

They had a large parking area marked off for us to use:


It was a good group – we thought the seminar went quite well. It was also live streamed over the Internet using something called Zoom. If we get a link to a recording, we’ll post it here. And here’s some comments we got afterward:


We really got a lot out of your presentation.  I intend to use Picasa and Google Photos.  The others, iPhotos, Aperture and Apple Photos didn’t stir up my interest enough to really put the time into learning them.

 Today’s presenters were terrific!  Both my wife and I found their presentation to be extremely helpful and very current.  Jim and Chris could not have been any better!


We left Fairfax about 4:30 headed to our next stop in Raleigh, N.C. to do our weekly streaming show, “What Does This Button Do?” We were scheduled to do this week’s show at the home studio of Martin Brossman about 270 miles away. We just needed to get on down the road, so we stayed in a Walmart parking lot that night, got our grocery shopping done, and made it to Martin’s by 11am on Sunday. He has a nice big driveway!
This is a live show … aka STRESSFUL! You have to wait until showtime to click the button that reads “go live” and, guess what! The button simply wasn’t there! This was our 52d show and we’d never had this problem before. Jim had to quick set up an entirely new show stream. But, he did it! And Martin was great for rolling with the punches. We got started about 12 minutes late, but continued on with a successful show. The topic was the Amazon Echo and Martin runs a community on Google Plus about it.

Click the picture above to watch the whole whole show (we cut out the first 10 minutes!) You can see all of our shows by viewing the Youtube Playlist for What Does This Button Do?

After the show, we went out for dinner and had a GREAT time with Martin. We are definitely “Geeks-of-a-Feather.” He shared with us his expertise on Social Media for Business – and gave us a copy of his book. We shared with him our expertise on Google Photos and gave him our library-on-a-drive of all our videos and eBooks.

Then we got back on the road again sometime after 5. We really don’t like to drive at night, and had no place we needed to be for a couple of days, so after a couple hours, we just found a rest area and pulled off. We cranked up the generator for power, threw something in the microwave for dinner, read emails for a while, and went to bed.

Home for the night – 9/13/15

Next stop, Hilton Head, where we are booked for several events. First off, a sold out hands-on class teaching people about using their smartphone cameras.

Then, a presentation for the Hilton Head Island Computer Club (click the image to view their website):

And, then 2 more presentations for the Sun City Hilton Head Computer Club.

We taught 2 1.5 hour seminars, one that is an overview of Google Photos, and another that was an open Q&A about all things smartphone and tablets. We were told that they wanted us to come back any time it was possible – they would arrange their schedule for us!

Over this one week period we gained 31 new premium members and several dozen newsletter subscribers. Thus is the life of the Geeks on Tour!

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