Windows 10 Upgrade

by Jim Guld,

win10Windows has released their latest OS to the public. It started rolling out to computers via Windows Update on July 29. I don’t necessarily recommend everyone upgrade their computers right away. There is no hurry, especially if you are doing ok now. If you do decide to upgrade I recommend having a current backup of your important data and performing a disk cleanup to get rid of junk on the drive. A high capacity and stable Internet connection really makes a difference.  I can only be responsible for the safety and security of my own computers, not yours.

There are two main reasons for any update. Number one is to fix bugs. Number two is to add functionality. Bugs can include security holes in the software. Hardware is changing all the time and the OS needs to adapt to make use of the advances. New software is made for new hardware, and vice-versa. If you are running old or limited hardware, you may have problems upgrading.

They Like it!

I have been an early adopter of the latest and greatest(?) operating systems from Redmond going all the way back to DOS 2.1. This upgrade is most interesting in that I have heard very few complaints about it. Indeed, I have mostly heard acceptance and even some grudging praise about Windows 10 from the gurus I follow and trust.

I installed this upgrade on our ASUS laptop (just used for seminars) as soon as it showed up in the system tray. I did not need to do anything special and it worked fine. My Surface Pro computer did have a hiccup the first time through the upgrade. I was low on disk space on the C: drive. The install automatically rolled back to Win 8.1. I used the standard Disk Cleanup to free up some space and tried again. This time it upgraded just fine. I have heard some reports of device drivers not working initially, but there is usually a fix for those. My Bluetooth keyboard and external monitor only came to life after a couple of reboots.

We were in the middle of a rally where we rely heavily on the seminar laptop for our presentations and live demonstrations. I didn’t even notice much of a change. That’s the thing about operating systems. You don’t really use them. They are just the way to get to your programs so you can get your work done. All my programs work fine, even Photo Story 3, which was made for Windows XP.

I do appreciate that Microsoft listened to unhappy users and brought back the Start Button. The new IE replacement Edge Browser has some cool features that I will report on as I learn more. I am still using Google Chrome as my primary Internet browser.

Caution for those using Cellular Data

Mobile users and those using metered data plans need to be aware that the download can be quite large and can easily put you over your monthly data allotment. If that is you, I recommend connecting to a public WiFi at the library or such. In addition, there are some settings everyone should be aware of to lessen data usage.

The Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) is a new way to distribute important updates. But, if you are using a limited wireless connection to access the Internet, it will use large amounts of data. It is optional and you can save precious bandwidth by disabling it .

Here are the steps to disable WUDO on your Windows 10 machine:

  • Open your Start Menu
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Update & security”
  • In the left-side pane, select “Windows Update”
  • In the right-side pane, select “Advanced options”
  • In the new pane, select “Choose how updates are delivered”
  • Move the slider under “Updates from more than one place” to “OFF”

Another potential data thief is WiFi Sense. It’s a reciprocal feature introduced in Windows 8 that can let your contacts share your WiFi network without knowing your network password. It in turn connects you to networks and hotspots that your contacts share with you. It is only for Internet access; they can’t see your passwords and stuff, and you can’t see theirs.

  • In the “Settings” window, click “Network & Internet”
  • Go to “Manage Wi-Fi Settings”
  • Turn off the connection sliders.

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, let us know how it went for you. If you are putting it off, let us know why. If you prefer Mac or Linux, or anything else, that is fine. Just please ignore this post.

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  1. Installed Win-10 with no problems that I have discovered yet. Everything seems to be working fine so far. Installed through my phone wifi sharing, without a large data usage. Please keep us posted on your discoveries.

  2. I put it on my Asus PC running 8.1. Had what I thought was a major glitch at first. I had left it alone to ‘do its thing’ and when I went back several hours later all I had was a black screen and curser. Tried shutting down and restarting–nothing. Googled and it is apparently an issue, but I couldn’t understand most of the suggested remedies until someone mentioned unplugging pc, which I did. It came up just fine after that! Whew! I haven’t explored any new apps or programs on 10 yet; I figured out how to do my normal things easily so am happy–no real learning curve as Windows 8.1 was coming from xp.

    • I had no problems with the install, but after a few days I too got to the black screen and curser. Nothing I tried got me off of it, so I did the unplug trick, but it would look like it was starting, but it ended with the black screen and curser. I pulled out my old Windows 7 disk and reinstalled 7, which is where I am now. I think I will stay with 7 as 10 didn’t really show me much.

  3. Had one glitch during install…something about video…it stopped, did something in the background, started back up…and finished the install with no problems on my Asus laptop. I’ve tweaked here and there and can hardly tell the difference from 8.1. The battery on my laptop doesn’t seem to last as long with 10 as it did before even though I’ve shut down as much stuff running in the background as I have found. All the programs that worked before work fine now. I’m just sad my scanner doesn’t work with anything newer than XP. 🙂

  4. FYI – Had one “Critical Error” with WIN-10 … “Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.” … and only a “sign out now” button.
    THREE TRIES and same message … no way to even get to anything !!! … fortunately fourth time got to “restart” button and it did several updates and fixed itself … so far OK since.
    {THANKS for your e-mails, since my wife passed and we sold motorhome don’t get to your functions.}

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