Geeks on Tour Member Benefit: Show Notes

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We Use the Show Notes Ourselves

Just like the owner of the “Hair Club for Men” Smile – we think it shows the value of our Show Notes when we use them ourselves! Here’s what happened:

I was using my Android smartphone and I was looking at the complete list of tutorial videos on the website. Someone had asked for a link to the video about migrating from iPhoto to Picasa and I wanted to get the specific link to our video on that topic. If I was using a computer, I could go to our page where all the videos are listed and use the CTRL-F command to “Find” any text on that particular page. I could type iPhoto and find that video. But, I was using a smartphone, there is no way to do a CTRL-F on a smartphone. I remembered that we had done one of our weekly “What Does This Button Do?” shows on using web-browsers on smartphones, and we even covered how to search within a page using that browser. But, I didn’t remember how to do it!

First I needed to find which of our shows (we’re up to #47 now) was the one where the beginner’s lesson was on Web Browsing, so I went to where all the shows are listed with a description and I did a CTRL-F (on a computer) for “brows.”  I didn’t know if the description mentioned “Browser” or “Browsing” or “Browse” but I was sure that “brows” would be found. This led me to episode #28 from 1/25/15. At this point, anyone can watch the Youtube recording of the show without being a member, but only members have access to the Show Notes. I opened the Show Notes for episode 28 and skimmed until I got to the section on “Web Browsing on Android” … here is a screenshot of that section:


Notice the numbers in red. Those are direct timeline links to the places in the Youtube video where that particular topic is discussed. So, if you want to watch the video, you don’t have to watch the entire 45 minute show to get what you need.

In my case, I didn’t even have to review the video because the info I was looking for was written out in the notes: “To search within a page: View the page, tap the 3-dot menu … Find in Page…” YES! That’s what I was looking for, and it worked great.

Now if only I could improve my memory!