Google Photos, Loving it!

Google Photos sounds like something that has been around for a long time, but what I’m talking about is actually a brand new App for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

G Photos

The Google Photos App and website ( were just announced on May 28. Using Google Photos you can:

  1. View all your photos, both on your device and in your Google Account online. This app replaces your Gallery or native Photos app.
  2. Automatically upload all of the pictures taken with your device to your Google Account. No more worrying about lost or destroyed phones. If you choose the “High Resolution” option rather than “Original” – you get unlimited storage space for free. Be aware that any uploading of photos consumes a lot of data. If you are using a metered connection like a cellular data plan, it could cost you! Check the setting for upload over Wi-Fi only, and if that Wi-Fi is provided via a cellular data plan, turn the auto-backup Off.
  3. Search your complete photo library (a combination of online backups and pictures on your device) for any person, place, thing, or date. This you GOTTA see!  It’s artificial intelligence and FAST. No tagging or any pre-identifying required.
  4. Edit your photos right on your phone with tools that are as good or better than computer-based photo-editing software.
  5. Create stories, movies, and other creations automatically from your photos. These are like gifts from Google that are made from your own photos and you get notifications when one is available. It’s FUN.

We – Geeks on Tour – will be giving seminars on Google Photos at RV rallies all over the country. We’ve already done one of our live web hangouts on the topic of Google Photos. For this article, let me just give you one example of the power of search.

We are currently on vacation in England and we visited the beautiful Bodiam Castle the other day. I took a picture of Jim in the stairwell:


When looking at this picture I was reminded of a similar picture taken at Blarney Castle in Ireland on our trip there in 2000. I really wanted to see that picture from 2000 and compare them. How could I possibly find that picture from 15 years ago?!

Since the storage space is free, I have backed up ALL my pictures to my Google account. I’ve actually been doing this for a few years – ever since Google Plus Photos (the predecessor for Google Photos) offered free unlimited space. So, I have 30,000+ photos stored online in my Google Account. And, now, with Google Photos I can search the entire library easily.

  • I opened the Google Photos App on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.
  • I tap the magnifying glass icon for Search.
  • I type in Ireland and tap Next. Immediately I see all my photos that Google has identified as related to Ireland. Some might be recognized landmarks, some might be originally from a folder of mine labeled Ireland, some might be recognized by a geotag, some are a mystery as to how Google identifies them as related to Ireland.
  • But, however it does it, I see lots of photos from our trip to Ireland and I can look thru them and find the one of Jim in the stairwell at Blarney castle. How cool is that?



Google Photos is brand new and there a lot of standard photo management features that it lacks. But the new features are really new! Check out this movie that I just made. It’s of our cross-country drive back in April. I’ve been meaning to put it together, but it was too much work … until now! With Google Photos all I did was select the pictures and video clips I wanted, then Google Photos did all the reset: transitions, music, render the movie!

Google Photos App by Google Inc.


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  1. Follow up, almost immediately – Just went into Assistant 3Dots Settings and found I could turn off the Drive Sync. Refreshed the photos and viola, dups are gone.

    Now, how do I know when all the photos on my computer are backed up? The function for that found on my devices does not seem to exist on the web version. I will keep poking at it while waiting for the answer.

  2. I had pictures backed up on Google Drive and on my primary computer. I now have duplicates in Google Pictures. I cannot see how to delete one without also deleting it from the “device” Also I cannot tell which image is from Drive and which from my computer. Any suggestions besides just leaving them alone 🙂 ?

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