Are you a Beginner with Technology?

We’ve had the opportunity this month to teach several seminars to small groups. This way we get to hear more of their questions and we were reminded that most people our age never had any basic instruction on these things. Most everything they know is self-taught. The most pressing questions were on files and folders. “Where ARE my files?!” “What IS a Folder?”

If that describes you, and you are using a computer – not just smartphones and tablets – we highly recommend you spend some time understanding Windows Basics. Here is a checklist to help you understand how much you already know. Find a computer club near you. If you’re in a senior community you may have a club available to residents. Many Community Colleges offer basic computer classes. You can also check with the Assoc. of Computer User Groups (APCUG) to see if there is a club near you.

A few years ago, we taught several sessions of a class we called “Camp Reboot.” One of our favorite comments from a student in that class was “Everything you taught us seemed so simple and basic, yet I didn’t know any of it!  I was doing everything the hard way.” We aren’t teaching that class any more because smartphones and tablets have taken over. We almost deleted the content thinking it was getting too old to be of use, but several people who teach computers told us they use these materials all the time. So we are making the workbook available to all Geeks on Tour members, and we’ve listed all the tutorial videos that go along with it. Click here to get your copy. You will need your username and password, if you need help with that, contact us.