What Does This Button Do? November Recap

A few hearty souls have made it a regular part of their week to watch our live show every Sunday. It’s an educational show about smartphones and tablets. When they watch live, they get to ask questions in the comments and we try to answer them live on the show. Every show is automatically recorded as a YouTube video – so if you miss it live, no problem.  Here’s a list of the shows we did in November:


Episode and Date Topics Show Video with Notes for Members Free on YouTube
#20: 11/23/14 Scanning barcodes and QR codes, Google Goggles #20 w/Notes YouTube #20
#19: 11/9/14 Your phone and tablets’s pictures in the cloud using Google+ Photos. Discussion with guests Robin Seaver, Catherine Tracey, Judi McDowell #19 w/Notes YouTube #19
#18: 11/2/14 Swype Keyboard (followup to episode #7) Guests Bill Joyce and Diane Melde; Apps: First Aid and Urban Spoon #18 w/Notes YouTube #18


Sample of Show Notes

Column 3 refers to Notes for Members, let me explain. Each show is 30-60 minutes long. They are all free on YouTube for anyone to watch. Let’s say you missed episode 12. You see from our Weekly Show Archive page that we covered what to do when you lose your device. You’re interested in that topic but don’t want to spend 30-60 minutes watching the whole show, you could scan thru the show notes. If one segment is of particular interest and you do want to watch it, you want to go directly to the point in the show that your desired segment starts.With the show notes, you would see the following screen. Just reading thru it may tell you everything you want to know. If you do want to watch a segment of interest, you can click the link to start watching the video at the point where that segment begins.

Start at 3:07 Beginner’s Lesson: When you lose your device
iPad/iPhone Find my iPhone
If it’s lost, you should be able to go to iCloud.com and click on “Find my iPhone” This will give you a map of the last known location. You can also make it sound a loud noise, or you can put it in “Lost mode” which locks it and changes the password. If it has indeed been stolen, you can also Erase the device so the thief doesn’t get your information.
To turn this feature on, go to settings->iCloud->Find My iPad and turn it on
Start at 14:03 Beginner’s Lesson: When you lose your device– Android
If it’s lost, you should be able to go to Google.com/Android/DeviceManager and see a map with a marker at the last known location for your device. You also have the options to lock your device and change the password, or to erase the device if it has been stolen.
To turn this feature on, go to your device’s system settings->Personal Settings->Security->Device Administrators and check the box for Device Manager.

Warning! These are LIVE shows.



We produce these all ourselves. We use Google+ Hangouts On Air which is new and changing all the time. We run the cameras, the lights, the microphones, the computers, smartphones and tablets that are involved in delivering these shows – all while trying to remember the good stuff we want to teach. Sometimes we play small recorded segments to be sure it gets covered. We mess up ALL the time! We figure that’s what learning is all about. If we mess up really bad (like 12 minutes of ear-splitting echo that only the audience could hear) we will edit that part out of the recorded version. But the little flub-ups that happen in every episode are still there for your amusement!

Lifelong Learning

We think those hearty souls who make our show a regular part of their week are really smart! Regular, weekly learning is the best way to absorb and retain new knowledge. Like piano lessons, if you commit to learning a little bit, all the time, you’ll get good at it! We aim our show at beginners because we meet a lot of them in our travels! These devices can do so much that most information you’ll find is on the super-fancy bells and whistles. Beginners tend to get forgotten. After we do our beginner’s lesson, we will cover an App of the week, and some random tips. We also take viewer questions.

See you on Sundays

We picked Sunday as the day that the Internet is the least busy. We need a LOT of bandwidth to deliver this live online show and every little bit helps. It has been our experience that, if you use the Internet on weekday evenings, it is slower than on Sunday afternoons. We need all the speed we can get. Since we travel all the time, there are some times that we simply can’t get the Internet speeds to do it and we cancel the show. There are also times when we just don’t have the time to properly plan, prepare and produce the show. But, as often as possible, we will be doing our shows on Sunday afternoons. We usually will send an email announcement to our entire newsletter list when we schedule a show. But, we don’t always do that. We are very sensitive about sending too many emails, we don’t want to spam you! So, if you want to be sure to get the invitations and reminders, the best way is to “Follow” the Geeks on Tour Google+ page. That is where the shows originate.