Too Many Apps? Army Knife combines several useful tools into one.

2014-11-26 16.35.18by Chris Guld, (updated November, 2016)

Do you have a flashlight app? How about a compass app? Or a stopwatch? A timer? A Bubble Level? When you want to use one of those, can you find it? Do you even remember its name? I use the Swiss Army Knife app all the time, it combines all those tools that I need occasionally into one simple App that is oh-so-useful.

I especially like the magnifying glass. I used it the other day to read the model number from the back of an iPhone. Jim tells of helping someone read the numbers on a tiny SIM card – it was impossible to read without it! See us demonstrate it during episode 96 of our “What Does This Button Do?” show.

Army knife is a free Android app and it includes:

  1. Flashlight
  2. Unit Converter
  3. Timer
  4. Stopwatch
  5. Compass
  6. Bubble Level
  7. Calculator
  8. Magnifying Glass
  9. Mirror
  10. Ruler

The model number on the back of an iPhone or iPad case has to be the most difficult thing to read. It makes me wonder why they don’t want you to see it! That model number is very important to look up support on the Apple website. The magnifying glass tool is a lifesaver when I need to read tiny text.

2014-11-26 17.14.27

This is a screenshot of the magnifying glass tool in action. The buttons are (from left to right) pause/stop action, turn on light, focus, decrease magnification, and increase magnification.


  • App Name:  Army Knife (previously known as Swiss Army Knife)
  • Author: Digital & Dreams
  • Price: Free
  • Available for Android.

Jim originally picked Swiss Army Knife as our App of the week in episode 8 , you can watch that segment here.
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