Google Keep for Note Taking and Reminders

imageHave you ever wished you could remember to do something when you’re in a particular place? Like when you were visiting friends in Oregon and they told you, “If you get to Newport, you must eat at Moe’s!” or when you keep telling yourself, “Next time I’m at my sister’s house, make sure to show her how to use her printer from her tablet.”  Or, “When we drive thru Camp Verde, check to see if the Verizon signal is strong enough for us to stay there.”

All three of these examples are things that Google Keep can remind you to do. The last one, about checking the Verizon signal is something I used yesterday. I knew I would forget to do it unless I could get a reminder, but any normal reminder system would just beep me at a certain time. I didn’t know what time we would be driving thru the town, I wanted a reminder when we were at that location. Google Keep, on my Android phone, knew when we hit the limits of Camp Verde and popped up a notification reminding me to check the Verizon signal.

If you’ve tried Evernote, and found it too complex, give Google Keep a try. It is an ultra simple note taking service. See our “What Does This Button Do?” Web show # 13. It’s a half hour show all about taking notes on your mobile devices. A discussion of Google Keep starts at 13:24

  • App Name: Keep
  • Author: Google
  • Price: Free
  • Available for Android or on the web and chrome store.
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  1. Thanks, I will add Google Keep. Right now I just use the simple Color Note app with plenty of remunderstanding of little stuff. For example, the ink jet cartridge #s for our various printers, battery sizes fie hearing aides, cameras, and other electronics, etc. I also keep a link of my file in my DropBox.

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