Geek Week at Scenic Road RV in Quartzsite, Arizona

The Scenic Road RV Park is in the heart of Quartzsite. And we will be there in the heart of the RV season – the week before the “Big Tent.” These seminars will be available for free to folks staying in the park. If you’re not in the park, there is a $5 registration fee. To sign up, call the park at (800) 213-2243

Jan 12:  Technology for Travelers Overview
Meet Jim and Chris. They live full time in an RV and make extensive use of computers and technology to Plan, Preserve, and Share their travels. Their business, Geeks on Tour, is teaching you about the devices and software they think are the easiest and most useful.You will learn how they use smartphones and cellular technology for their Internet connections, what mapping and GPS technology they like best, how they manage thousands of digital pictures on their computers and post the best ones online for free and lastly, how to share all your experiences online with friends and family using Blogs and Photo Albums.

Jan 13: Smartphones and Tablet Overview for Travelers
Whether you’ve had a smartphone or tablet for years, or you’re just thinking about getting one, you will learn something in this seminar.  We start with explaining what these devices are and what extra costs they incur.  We will discuss the features that are important to travelers: hotspot capability, GPS, Cameras, and Bluetooth, and give you our short list of must-have travel Apps.  We will demonstrate how to install a QR code scanner and use it to find the information stored behind those funny looking square codes.  We will show you some basic ways to customize your phone to your liking with various settings and home screen organizations.

Jan 14: Smartphone Photography – a hands-on class.
Limited to 12 attendees.
$10-in park or GOT members/$20-non-Members outside of park
Includes a Workbook

Jan 15: Make a free website with Blogger, Picasa, and Google+
Imagine starting a family website when a grandchild is born, adding stories and pictures throughout the years and having a beautiful coffee table book to give to that grandchild when they graduate High School.  Or … when you take that trip of a lifetime, you could have an easy-to-maintain website for the stories and photos of that trip, then print a coffee table book to remember the trip for years to come.  Or … if you have a hobby, club, or small business to share with the world, a website is the way to do it!  Or … all of the above.
This seminar will introduce you to Google’s free website and photo tools, and Picasa photo software.  Learn how to start a Blog/Website and add stories and photos with Geeks on Tour’s easy to understand, step-by-step instructions.

Jan 16:  Using Google Maps to Plan, Preserve, and Share your travels
You’ve probably been to the Google Maps website to search for a destination. But did you know that you can plan a multi-stop route and print out the directions?  You can create and save custom maps to record your travels and share them with friends and family. Your custom maps can even include your photos, links, and descriptions. This seminar will show you how!