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imageby Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com

We’ve been living in our RV on the road for 11 years now. Over that time, I’ve had lots of ideas of places I want to go as well as invitations both for work and for fun! I’ve also had lots of methods of remembering them. I’ve had written lists in a notebook, I’ve used Evernote to keep travel ideas, I’ve entered posts just for myself in Facebook, I’ve sent emails to Jim hoping he’d remember these places, I’ve created a Streets and Trips file called Ideas, and I’ve used Google Custom maps on the computer.

Nothing worked for me.

Evernote was good because, as a smartphone App, it is always with me so I can quickly jot down a quick note whenever the mood strikes. But, I really want them to be viewable in place on a map. So I created a custom Google map with all my idea places marked. I failed at keeping that up though because that needed to be done on a computer and a web browser. I need something on my phone.

My Maps is now available as an Android App! Yay! I’m so excited. (Yes, I really am a Geek) This means I can grab my phone at any time I have an idea or get an invitation, open My Maps, create a marker for any place I want to remember. You can enter your own name for the marker, as well as a description. So far, I don’t see a way to add photos – for that you need to use a computer. You can have several of these maps, each for a different purpose. By default they are private, only you can see them – you must be logged in to your Google Account. You can share them, or even make them public, but you need to be on a computer browser to get that functionality.

Just longpress on the spot where you want a marker, then tap Next
Here you can add your own Name and Description to the marker and tap Save
imageFrom now on, there will be a marker in that spot. Tap the marker and you’ll see the name, tap the name and you’ll see the description.  


  • App Name: My Maps
  • Author: Google
  • Price: Free
  • Available for Android (although I find a “My Maps” listed in the iOS App store, it’s just regular maps – not yet available on iOS)

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  1. This app sounded pretty good BUT THEN I READ ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS in the Playstore, My Maps, from Google. Check out the negative points and comment there.

    I did not download this app. Will it also create ROUTE Lines to connect the place markers?

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