September 2014 Newsletter: HDR Camera Setting, Runkeeper, Are you Smarter than your Smartphone?, Where Am I?

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Monthly Issue # 83 September 30, 2014                                          
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September in California

Pictures from September

Where we’ve been: We spent most of September in California near the coast. We taught a few seminars for Computer Clubs along the Central Coast, and spent a week at the Roadtrek Rally in Pismo Beach. We have several old friends who live in California and See our September photo album for lots of pictures, and ourSeptember blog for all the details!

Where we’re going:  For October we’ll be leaving our motorhome in storage for the first time ever, and flying from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in order to go on a scuba diving trip to the Bahamas with friends.See our Calendar/Map page for more details.

By the way, our pictures, Blogs, Web Albums, maps, and videos are all examples of what we teach.  If you’re a traveler, we teach you how to plan, preserve, and share your travels.  It makes the experience that much more enjoyable to get creative on the computer and share your travels with friends and family.

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Calendar: Coming up in October/November

For more details, see our website Calendar. 

Q&A Forum

Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month. Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership!

  1. Future of Streets and Trips
  2. Add a Google Map to my Blog Sidebar
  3. Picasa: Edit the Edited picture
  4. Problems uploading Pictures to Date Taken Folder
  5. Samsung S5 Email Notification Problems

Runkeeper: Get some exercise while Traveling


When you’re at home, you probably go to a gym, or at least have a walking or biking route laid out. You know where it goes and how long it takes. When you’re on the road, there is no such route. I love using the Runkeeper App on my phone to tell me how long I’ve walked, or biked. So, we can just head out on any road or path we find and when we reach a distance that is half of the total desired walk, we’ll turn around. Runkeeper even has suggested routes for wherever you are – just go to the website and click on the Search icon and choose Routes.

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The HDR Camera Setting on my Samsung phone is so great, I can’t take a picture without it!


When you’re taking pictures of pretty, outdoor places, you will often encounter a wide range of light. The shaded areas are dark, and the sun-drenched sky is bright. This is called a High Dynamic Range, and it requires special camera techniques to avoid overexposing the sun, and/or underexposing the shade. If you have an HDR setting on your camera – try it!

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Where Am I?


Ever ask someone to write down a local phone number, and later notice they didn’t include the area code? Or how about watching a weather alert that tells you about a tornado warning in xxxyyy county? If you travel all the time like we do, you have no idea what county you’re in, or what the area code is for local phone numbers.  Now you do! All you need to do is tap the icon for an App called “Where Am I?” and all the information in the screenshot here will be displayed.

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Are you Smarter than your Smartphone?

Weekly Show

At the end of every episode of our weekly learning show we have questions to review the main points that were covered. These are not multiple choice, you can’t be graded, but, if you read thru them we think you’ll get the idea of how much you know, or how much you have to learn. Each show starts with a topic we think is important for beginners to know. For example, Using the Home Button, Organizing Home Screens, Using the Onscreen Keyboard, and Talking to your device. We show both iPad, and Android phones. Take a quick read thru our archives of Review Questions and see how many you think you can answer.

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