Using this Website

2014054We are Geeks on Tour, and we have lots of websites going back for 18 years!  If you hear us say, “that’s on our website” you may need to ask, “Which website?” and “Where?.”  We don’t want it to be that difficult.  Our goal is that all you need to remember is, and you can find anything else you need from there.

  • Want to know where we are right now, and where we’ll be next month?  Click on the menu item for Calendar/Map.
  • Want to read our latest newsletter? Click on the menu for “Free Articles” and then Newsletters
  • Want to buy a thumb drive with our complete library of videos?  Or buy our Picasa Beginners Guide book?  Click the Store menu.
  • Want to watch a Tutorial Video on Blogger?  Click the menu item for Tutorial Videos and then find Blogger.
  • Want to know when your membership expires?  Click the Member Dashboard menu.
  • Want to read our personal travel Blog?  Hover over the menu item called “More …” and you’ll see a list.  One of the items is Chris and Jim’s Blog

But there is so much more than can possibly fit on one menu!  So we’ve made a page called “Index of Everything.”  You’ll find it as the first entry on the “More …” menu.  Or, if you click on More… rather than just hover – you will be taken to the Index of Everything page.

Try it!  We hope you like it.  Just visit the Index of Everything page and start browsing.  OK, then scroll down and see more.  Then scroll down again and see even more!

If there’s still something you can’t find or you have an idea on how to make our website easier, please let us know by using the Contact Us menu.