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Monthly Issue # 79 May 31, 2014                                          
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In May we worked hard then rewarded ourselves with …

Pictures from February

Where we’ve been: That’s the view from our site here on the banks of the Mississippi river.  It’s a Corps of Engineers park called Fishermans Corner.  For the month of May, we had two rallies and one “week at the office.”  The rallies were in Lebanon, TN and Goshen, IN.   If you want to get some details on what a rally is like for Geeks on Tour – check out our personal blog post “Escapade or Geeks on Tour Rally?”  How hard we worked was only surpassed by how much fun we had!  Then, the same was true for the following week when we stayed at an RV park with several other working RVers.  We had several get-togethers made possible by, and we recorded some video interviews with RVillage founder, Curtis Coleman.  See our Photo album for May for more photos!  And our Blog for May for all the stories.

Where we’re going: We’re here in the Quad Cities for the next week, then back to Goshen for the Fleetwood/Glamarama rally.  When that’s done, we’re taking our RV in to Master Tech there to see if they can fix our slide which is acting up again 🙁  Hopefully that will be short, but we’re prepared to stay for a couple weeks if necessary.  Then we’ll be headed west, probably thru Colorado.  See our tentative route and stops on our Calendar/Map page.

By the way, our pictures, Blogs, Web Albums, maps, and videos are all examples of what we teach.  If you’re a traveler, we teach you how to plan, preserve, and share your travels.  It makes the experience that much more enjoyable to get creative on the computer and share your travels with friends and family.

New Tutorial Videos in May

New Geeks on Tour Videos

A lot has changed with Google Maps and we’re trying to keep up!  If you are a Geeks on Tour member, you can keep up too.  Just watch our new videos.

Then there’s a new video on RVillage.  If you haven’t heard of RVillage yet and you are an RVer, take a few minutes to watch this video – you’ll be glad you did.  We’ve made it free for everyone.  In it Jim gives the stage to Curtis Coleman who demonstrates how to use RVillage to connect with other RVers on the road.

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Do You Know How to Cut, Copy and Paste?

We’ve seen a lot of comments lately on Facebook from people claiming they don’t know how to Copy and paste.  So we thought we’d make a couple of our oldy but goody tutorial videos available here for anyone to watch.  Enjoy!

Calendar: Coming up in June/July

  • May 28-June 8: appearances in the Quad Cities – Moline, IL / Davenport IA
  • June 2: Cloud Computing – Quad Cities Computer Society
  • June 10-14: Fleetwood Rally/Glamarama, Goshen, IN
  • July – traveling west, probably thru Colorado
  • July 27-30: Fulltimers Rally, Seven Feathers Resort, Canyonville, OR
  • July 30 – Aug 4: Possible Geeks on Tour workshop on Photos and Blogs using Computers, Phones and Tablets.  If you’re interested, pleasecomment here.

For more details, see our website Calendar. 

Q&A Forum

Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month. Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions.

  1. Google+ Auto Awesome
  2. How do you resize a picture to email with a droid razer maxx hd.
  3. Rotating Smart Phone video
  4. Transferring Pictures from email to PIcasa
  5. Booster to help iPad get online
  6. Totally Frustrated with New Google Maps
  7. Problems with Pictures on Blogs

Geocaching with your Smartphone

An Smartphone App for Geocaching

From the Dispatch-Argus Quad Cities Online May 31, 2014: “MOLINE – Jim and Chris Guld’s Saturday evening was unlike that of many others. But then again, their lives are unlike that of many others.

Rather than relaxing on a couch or going out to eat, they helped people find hidden objects scattered around the campus of Black Hawk College with the help of satellite navigation.”

It is called geocaching and is basically treasure hunting with a GPS. ”

Read About the App we Used

Using a Blogger Blog for Club Newsletters

A Blog with Newsletter

We like as a free place to make a website.  We teach Blogger to travelers as an easy way to keep a travel journal, but we also recommend Blogger to clubs and small businesses who need a  website.  We’ve written about this before:  Use a Blogger Blog for a Club Website.

We’re excited to see that the next rally we’re going to is using Blogger for their rally website.  Check it out at  You’ll notice that there are several pages listed in the right sidebar, including a link to their newsletter, and links to forms to submit for registration.  They are using to store their linked documents.  A great system, and super simple.  Here’s how it’s done: …

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Be the Beer!

Picture in Picture with one shot

Jim posted this photo on his Facebook timeline and within minutes got comments, “How’d you DO that?” 

Well, we’re not magicians – our job IS to tell you how we did that!  Jim used his Samsung Note 3 phone and camera.  My Samsung Galaxy S5 can do the same thing.  The camera has a mode called “Dual Camera.”  Turn that on and you’re seeing the main scene out the rear camera with an inset ‘selfie’ from the front-facing camera.  If you have a Samsung phone, give it a try.  Here’s how …

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Geeks on Tour Website Improvements

Find anything to do with Geeks On Tour

We have lots of websites!  When we tell people, “Oh, you can get that on our website!” It’s important to ask, “Which Website?” and “Where?”

That’s the way it goes when your life and business is online!  We started out making a personal website when we got married in 1998, and they’ve only multiplied every since.

We want to keep it simple so that all you need remember is and you can find everything else from there.

We’ve even made on page called “Index of Everything” so, if it’s not on a main menu item, you’ll absolutely be able to find it there.

Please read the article to learn more about what’s available …

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