Be the Beer!

Jim posted this photo on his Facebook timeline and within minutes got comments, “How’d you DO that?” 

Well, we’re not magicians – our job IS to tell you how we did that!  Jim used his Samsung Note 3 phone and camera.  My Samsung Galaxy S5 can do the same thing.  The camera has a mode called “Dual Camera.”  Turn that on and you’re seeing the main scene out the rear camera with an inset ‘selfie’ from the front-facing camera.  If you have a Samsung phone, give it a try …

  • Open the Camera App
  • Tap the Mode icon
  • Scoll the left sidebar till you see Dual Camera and tap that
  • Now aim the camera at a scene then look at the display, you should see your face showing in the middle of the scene
  • When you tap the shutter button, you’ll get the image you saw.  An ‘inny-outy’ if you will, aka Picture in Picture.

Here’s one I took earlier this week – you really gotta watch having your finger over the front-facing lens!  And, why does my inset selfie look like a postage stamp and Jim’s face on the beer mug fades into the background?

2014-05-28 10.01.53

That’s the options for the dual camera.  You should see a white arrow on the left of your screen.  If you tap that, it reveals all the different options for the inset.  You can also drag the inset around the screen to any spot on the picture.

2014-06-01 18.41.37

Have fun!

Ooops, what if you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy or Note?  Well, we did a little research and came up with a couple of Apps that will take a picture with both lenses.  They don’t seem to have the options that the Samsung does, but it’s something:

If you know of another app that does this, please leave info in a comment here OK?