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Find us on RVillage.comWe are here at the Fairgrounds in Perry, GA (in the rain) getting ready for a week of seminars and fun at the FMCA Convention.  We will have an informal get together this evening at 5 in the Multi-Purpose building by the Geeks on Tour table and the computer help desk area.  How did we arrange this get together?  With a new website meant specifically for just this purpose.  It’s called RVillage.  It’s for RVers, but we pronounce it like Our Village, a social network just for RVers. Now, before you immediately say, “I don’t need another social network” check out the special features offers.  Each one who joins RVillage can easily ‘check in’ whenever you pull into a new RV park, and when you do, you get an icon on the map so friends can easily see where you are.  You can also join all sorts of special groups within RVillage.  Here is a map of just the RVillagers who have added themselves to the Geeks on Tour group.  And, notice that clicking on one icon shows you the details of who that is: Get Whenever you check into a park, you can immediately see if any other RVillagers are there and if any get-togethers are planned.  So, for example, here at the Georgia Nat’l Fairgrounds, there are currently 9 people checked in, and there are two get-togethers planned. rvillage-park is a brand new website.  It’s been in private development for 6 months or so.  It just opened to the public a few days ago, it’s still in Beta and already has 2,023 members signed up.  There’s something special going on here.  Check it out.  We hope to use RVillage to set up Geeks on Tour classes at various locations as we travel across the country.


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  1. […] Geeks on Tour – Jim and Chris Guld expressed one of my own reservations at first when they said, “I don’t need another social network.”  But, like them, I discovered this is a unique opportunity that allows you to check in and share either your general location or specific campground and gives the chance for contact and get-togethers.  They’re also going to be using RVillage to set up Geeks on Tour computer seminars at various locations as they travel across the country. […]

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