Easter Prize Hunt – Picasa Beginner’s Guide


March and April are great months to be Geeks on Tour members because your bonus is our Beginner’s Guide to Picasa eBook, in .pdf format.  At Amazon, or on our website, this eBook would cost you $14.95 – but for anyone who is a member in March or April 2014, it’s yours for free. (If you’re not a member, you can join now.)

BUT in true Easter style, we’re going to make you hunt for it!  You see, there are so many tutorial videos for Picasa on our website we want you to explore a little before settling in with the book!

  1. First you need to visit the Learning Library of Tutorial Videos and  find the Picasa section.  It is the largest of our 10 subjects, so we divided it into ___ sections.  (fill in the blank with a number)
  2. Find the Short Course on Organizing
  3. Now, take the number that you found in step #1 and scroll down to that #video in the Short Course.  Just above it, you will find your prize!