February 2014 Newsletter: Evernote for Travel Ideas, Windows 8 Top Tip, Easter Prize Hunt, Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

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February: RVing in Florida


For us, home is not a place.  It’s a thing.  It’s our motorhome. And, it’s back!  With a fully working slide-out and several other minor improvements. We were so happy to be home as we traveled and presented our seminars at Riverside RV park, The Roadtrek Rally, Sumter Oaks, Betmar Hills, And Florida Grande.

We did get in a bit of sightseeing too.  The mermaids at Weeki Wachee are every bit as wonderful as I remember when I was a kid.  And it’s the best bargain in the state!  For a $13 admission fee you get 2 mermaid shows, a boat ride on the river, and an animal show, not to mention all day at a beautiful park.  If you’re in the north of Tampa area – this attraction is a must see.  Especially if you have kids.

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Calendar: Coming up in March/April

  • Mar 16-20: FMCA Convention in Perry, GA
    We will be teaching 6 different seminars and 2 hands-on classes: one on iPhone/iPads and another on Android phones and tablets.  They’ve published the complete program online called the Passport to Perry.  Check it out and use the Search feature to look for all the entries for Geeks on Tour!
  • April 2 7pm: Sarasota PC Users Group – Cloud Computing
  • April 9 1pm: Cascades User Group in Port St. Lucie – Cloud Computing

For more details, see our website Calendar.

Q&A Forum

Some Geeks on Tour members tell us that the Q&A forum is worth the entire cost of membership!  Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month. Anyone can read the forum, only members ca ask questions.

  1. Import Photos from Picasa to MovieMaker
  2. Google+ Photos – Auto Awesome
  3. Picasa – Printing a Contact Sheet
  4. Saving Text Messages
  5. Blogger as Website … more

Collecting Travel Ideas with Evernote

Evernote for Travelers

Evernote is not specifically an App for travelers, but I can’t think of another App that is any more useful for travelers!  If you have not yet been introduced to Evernote, I’ll consider it my pleasure!  Just go to Evernote.com on your computer and sign up for an account, then download the App for an Android device, or an iPhone or iPad – you will be so glad you did!  Then you can start using Evernote to keep track of anything and everything!  You can type notes into it, you can take pictures with it, scan documents and business cards, clip web pages, even record sound notes.  I’ve been using Evernote for a year or so and I’m trying to train myself to use it more because it remembers everything so I don’t have to.  This article is about collecting travel ideas with Evernote.

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Windows 8 Top Tip

Windows 8 Search

We try to focus our website on technology tips for travelers, but sometimes the basics of using your computer are essential to going any further.  I hear so many people saying “I can’t find anything in Windows 8!”  “I spend all my time just trying to navigate in Windows 8 and I can’t get anything done.”

If you understand how Search works, you don’t ever need to navigate.  As in Windows 7, and Vista before that, you just click the start menu, type what you’re looking for, and then click on the item you want in the search results.

The Windows logo key is like the secret doorway between the “Desktop”, the familiar, Windows 7 lookalike world, and the Start Screen, you can click the lower left corner of the screen, or use the Windows logo key on your keyboard – it’s the key to the left of the Alt key, or 2 keys to the left of the spacebar.

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Easter Prize Hunt – Picasa Beginner’s Guide


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March and April are great months to join Geeks on Tour.  And, if you’re already a member you get the reward too.  Our Beginner’s Guide to Picasa eBook, in .pdf format.  At Amazon, or on our website, this book would cost you $14.95 – but for anyone who is a member in March or April 2014, it’s yours for free.

BUT in true Easter style, we’re going to make you hunt for it!  You see, there are so many tutorial videos for Picasa on our website we want you to explore a little before settling in with the book!

First you need to be a member and log in.  If you’re not a member, follow the link to Join Now.  Here’s your clue:

  • Our Learning Library has nearly 260 tutorial videos, if you wander among the stacks, you will easily find the Picasa section – it is the largest of them all, so we divided it into ___ sections.  (fill in the blank with a number)
  • Find the Short Course on Organizing
  • Now, take the number that you found above and scroll down to that #video in the Short Course.  Just above it, you should find your prize!


RV Travel Newsletter by Chuck Woodbury

Current Issue

Upgrading a Smartphone and Keeping your Unlimited Data Plan


We have been using Verizon Cellular Data about as long as it has been available. Unlimited data was an available choice when we signed up, so we took it. We often use our phones as Hotspots, tethering data to our other devices. Those plans are no longer available. So when I needed a new phone, I had to make sure I could keep my Data Plan. I was told I could keep my plan if I paid full price for the new smartphone. The lower prices on new phones or upgrades are subsidized by contract renewals.

My phone was a Motorola Droid RAZR. It was a fine phone for it’s day. The battery was non-replaceable and was losing the ability to hold a charge.

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