Saving Google Map Directions

Let’s say you were planning on doing an RV trip in the same area that we traveled thru last year.  I might want to send you a detailed list of directions of where we went, and where we parked the RV.  Using on your computer, you can use the directions feature and add multiple destinations like the screenshot below. 

In the previous version of Google Maps, at the very bottom of the detailed directions, there was an option to “Save to My Maps.”  That option no longer exists.  In fact, there is no more “My Maps.”  There is a new way to make custom maps, but you can’t make them using these directions.  So, how do we keep these directions?  How can I share them with you?


Well, if you take a look at the address bar – the line with the red arrow above – you will notice that every line of directions is recorded in code in that address.  If you copy that entire address line, you can paste it into your browser’s address bar at any time and recreate these exact directions.  Pretty slick.  Try it, just click this link and it should take you to Google Maps and fill in all the directions from my map.  The full text of that link looked something like this:



This is an easy way to keep your work for later, or to share it with someone else.  Just copy that address and paste it somewhere that you remember, or maybe email it to yourself.


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