Webinar on Picasa Collages

This is where we will embed the Live Hangout for our Webinar. Picasa Collages is scheduled for Thursday, December 19 at 2pm US Eastern Time. Just come back here at that time and you can watch!  Use the Chat box at lower right to ask questions.  Please enter your name in place of  “Guest xxx” (just type over it.)

Scroll down to the Youtube frame and Click the Arrow to start it.

Any problems, you can also watch the webinar directly on Youtube.


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3 replies on “Webinar on Picasa Collages”

  1. Worked well for 5 minutes. Then lost audio and video. Am using ipad with Safari. Refreshed, reloaded. A rest period of 5 minutes. FYI. Have cable modem using home network. It appears as though hangout sis not ready for prime time.

  2. Hi, will this Webinair (collages) be available after the event like last time? I live in Australia and I missed the event as it happened last time but managed to see it the next day.
    Thank you

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