December 2013 Newsletter: Webinars, Group Photos, Google Maps, Ten Years of Geeks on Tour

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Monthly Issue # 74 December 30, 2013                 
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December – Our Youtube Channel

Happy Holidays

We don’t have anything exciting travel-wise to report this month as our RV is in for extensive service and we’re staying in a townhouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The motorhome’s bedroom Slide-out doesn’t want to go in or out properly and it’s a big job to fix it. 

We did present seminars at a few computer clubs in the Central Florida area before heading down to Fort Lauderdale.  Then, since this is home base for us, we enjoyed spending the holidays with lots of Family and Friends!  Please click to see our video Holiday Card to everyone.  And, while you’re there, we recommend you Subscribe to our Youtube channel.  There’s lots more there besides the Christmas card!

Our latest Youtube videos are:

Using Google+ Hangouts for Webinars

Geeks who Teach

We’ve been playing with Google Hangouts for a while.  It’s just so cool.  We’ve had good experiences with it, and we’ve have frustrating failures.  Early in December we said, "It’s time" let’s jump in to the deep end and try doing a public webinar using Google Hangouts on Air.  So we did!  And it went well.  We had about 125 people watching for at least some of the hour-long seminar. The speakers included me (Chris), Jim, and our friend Laura Baker.  Jim and I were in our motorhome parked at Thousand Trails Orlando.  Laura was also at Thousand Trails Orlando, but she was in her motorhome on the other side of the park.  The topic was using Picasa and Send Out Cards to use your pictures and make your own Holiday cards.

A couple weeks later we got brave and did another one with just Jim and Chris showing how to use Picasa for Collages.  We like it!  We have many more webinars planned for 2014!  Some of them will be free to the public, and some of them will be for members only.

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Calendar: Coming up in January/February

For more details, see our website Calendar. 

Q&A Forum

Some Geeks on Tour members tell us that the Q&A forum is worth the entire cost of membership!  Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month:

  1. Email Notification of Blog Posts
  2. Chromecast
  3. Creating Calendars
  4. Reorganizing my Picture Files
  5. Best Droid Camera App
  6. Discussion of Webinar on Picasa Collages
  7. Picasa, Google+, and Blogger

Geeks on Tour Archives – Ten Years of Looking Back

Our First Website

It’s so hard to believe that it’s 2014tomorrow!  We sold our house and started living in a motorhome in fall of 2003.  We’ve traveled thousands of miles, and taught hundreds of seminars. We’ve had several websites over these years – some intentionally, some due to the fickle nature of the Web.  It is so easy for content on the Internet to get lost and forgotten.  I have made a point to keep all our articles, but they are scattered over several places.  I needed a list of where they all are – so that’s what I did in this article.  You can find the very first (February 2004) article we did about Internet on the Road called, "What is Wi-Fi".  You can peruse a complete list of all our articles collected from 2004 – 2013 as well as a clipping of each website’s banner.

You’ll also find a listing of all the articles written for the Blog.

Please take a look, we know you’ll find something you like!

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Making the Perfect Group Photo

Group Photo

Did you try to take a group photo over the holidays?  How did it come out?  For our family Christmas photo, I took several shots, but not one of them had everyone perfect.  There were 8 of us in the group, but if you count the people in the first picture at right, you’ll only see 6.  In the next picture, the 2 missing people are there, but Marilyn (in red) seems to have disappeared.  What to do?

For once, Picasa does not have an answer for us, but another free photo program does!  It’s called Windows Photo Gallery and it’s a free download from  It has a very special feature called Photo Fuse.  Here’s what you do:

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RV Travel Newsletter by Chuck Woodbury

Current Issue

Saving Places with New Google Maps

Saved Places in Google Maps

One of our popular member Tutorial Videos shows how, with Google Maps, you can star a place on the map.  That star will always show up as long as you are logged in to your Google Account.  We use this feature all the time to mark our current RV park – because that is ‘Home’ for a while.  One of my fears in living on the road is that I’ll go to the grocery store and not have a clue how to get "Home!"  By saving the place in Google Maps, I can now just open Google Maps on my Android phone, tap the little Star icon that represents our current RV park, and navigate back there!  The fear is gone.  The same feature is available on the iPhone/iPad version as well as the web-based Google Maps.

Google has made many changes to the Google Maps app on Android and iPhone, as well as on the website.  Some of them are major – like changing My Maps to use what they call the Google Maps Engine. Some of them are minor, like the procedure for Saving a place to your map.

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Happy Computing!

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