Geeks at The Rally in Atlanta

This past week we were at the Camping World / Good Sam Rally held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  We were parked in the Infield, along with a few hundred of our close RVing friends!  Another 1-2,000 RVs were parked outside the track area.

It was just a short walk to the tent that served as our seminar room for the week.  The topics we taught included:

  • Get to Know your iPhone/iPad
  • Get to Know your Android Phone/Tablet
  • Technology for Travelers to Plan, Preserve, and Share your Travels
  • Managing Digital Photos with Picasa
  • Every RVer Needs a Blog
  • Facebook for Travelers
  • Smartphones/Tablets Overview for Travelers
  • Video Editing with Movie Maker

We gave 14 classes in all over the 5 days of the rally.  Four of them were our special hands-on classes for iPhones/iPads and Android devices.  We kept registrations under 20 people so they could get personal attention as we gave them exercises to do.

There was only once that we left our tent and wandered around the vendor Exhibit hall.  We were happy to see the TechnoRV booth looking busy and a big smile from Ally handling business while Phil and Tracey are still in England.

We did take advantage of the Entertainment on Friday night and went to see the Beach Boys.  They were great!  And it was a beautiful evening at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Here’s a little video:

We were very happy to have Devon (Jim’s son) with us.  We got to spend some quality time with him, and he was a great help signing people up for Geeks on Tour memberships after each seminar.  I think it was fun for him to get a glimpse of how his crazy parents live!  This is the second time he’s helped us at a Rally – wish he could always be there, but I don’t think it’s going to work to fly him to Oregon.  Hopefully he’ll join us in Perry, GA in March for the FMCA rally.

Thanks to Devon’s help, we are welcoming over 90 new Geeks on Tour Members!

The last night we breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed a nice dinner and bottle of wine with our parking lot neighbors and friends Chris and Charles Yust of C & C RV Insurance.  Mountains, streams, and lakes are pretty, but we enjoy the parking lot just as much!