August 2013 Newsletter: iCloud and Photo Stream, Voice Command to Navigation, Windows 8 Backup

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Monthly Issue # 70 August 31, 2013
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August – Oregon to California

Golden Gate Bridge

August started in Oregon and ended in California.  With 2 RV rallies, one presentation at a campground, a Computer Club meeting seminar and a hands-on class for Golden Gate Computer Society, we kept pretty busy.

We still took time to enjoy the sights!


Geeks on Tour Member Interest Survey

Geeks on Tour Member Survey

Thank you to all the members who completed our survey this month.  We hope you liked your free bonus gift too.  Of the 220 members who responded, we learned that the majority of you are still interested in learning to manage your digital photos with Picasa, a strong second is learning to use smartphones and tablets.  We were a bit surprised by the high level of interest in Google Maps and Google Earth, but we’re listening.  See this newsletter’s article on using Google Maps on your smartphone or tablet!

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Q&A Forum

Some Geeks on Tour members tell us that the Q&A forum is worth the entire cost of membership!  Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month:

  1. Picasa: Backup vs. Gift CD
  2. Picasa Web Albums on iPad
  3. Making a Movie for DVD with my Travel Photos
  4. Playing Geek’s videos on an iPad
  5. PIcasa captions to Facebook
  6. Skydrive or Drive?

iCloud/Photo Stream from your iPhone/iPad to your Computer

Use Live Writer to Create your Blogger Blog PostsIt took a generation or two for film cameras to give way to digital.  It’s only taking a year or two for cameras to give way to cellphones and tablets as our primary way of taking pictures!  We just recorded a video for our members on how to use Dropbox to get pictures from any phone or tablet to your computer.  And then, we get emails asking specifically about how to use iCloud to get photos from phones and tablets to your computer.

Since I have been taking pictures with my iPad, I have actually figured out how it works, so here goes!

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Talk to Your Android or iPhone for Navigation

Voice command for navigationFor quite a while now, we’ve had navigation devices that will talk to us.  Did you know that now you can talk to them?  I’ve heard a lot of people complaining with the latest version of Google Maps that there are too many steps to get it to start navigating.  If you simply talk to your phone or tablet and tell it to “Navigate to _____________”  That’s all you have to do!

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Backup!  Backup! Windows 8 Makes it Easy

Windows 8 Backup with File HistoryThere are many strategies and tools to help you, many are fairly easy. Some are not. The backup tool from Microsoft was not very easy, until now. Most users simply didn’t back up.

Windows 8 has a goal of effortless backups. To do this, they created File History. It is a fully automated, set and forget archiving tool. The idea is to make it so easy that users would actually do it.

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For Members: New Tutorial Videos PLUS Bonus eBook

Geeks on Tour Tutorial VideosNever Ending Learning!  Keep on learning new things on your computer and smartphones!  It’s easy, just sit back and watch.  These are for members only.  If you’re not a member, join today!

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Happy Computing!

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