RVSEF Lifestyle, Education and Safety Conference

RVSEFOur first rally of the season was this RVSEF Lifestyle, Education, and Safety conference.  It’s the same conference that we’ve done a couple times before in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

We taught a few classes, but it’s a very small conference so there was no stress at all.  And, take a look at where we were! That’s Pikes Peak in the background. 

We’re just in the parking lot of the conference facility, so there are no hookups.  We’re giving our generator a workout, and learning that our inverter works pretty well.  We’re here for 5 nights.  I’m not sure we’ve ever dry-camped that long before, and certainly not for a looong time.  It’s good practice!

This is the conference group, just getting to know each other. Some have been RVing for a while, some haven’t even bought their RV yet.  They come here to learn what they need to know – driving classes, electrical system classes, water system classes, lifestyle classes, and technology classes-that’s us!

There are some real industry experts here, and Jim enjoyed taking a couple of electrical classes with Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor.  Linda and Howard Payne of RV-Dreams are also here.  We follow their adventures and have been especially envious of their recent exploration of Utah’s parks.

I hope these conference attendees know just how lucky they are!  This conference had less than 30 attendees and therefore the classes had no more than a 10 to 1 student/teacher ratio.  And the teachers are all experts in their fields.  To see these folks at the big rallies, you have to get in line with hundreds of other attendees.  Here at the RVSEF conference, I saw Walter Cannon, Executive Director of RVSEF visit the RV of one attendee and show him how to measure the tow bar drop to see if it was appropriate for his car.  During a break between seminars, I overheard Gary Bunzer, The RVDoctor, helping someone troubleshoot an electrical issue they have in their RV.  Here’s Gary and Walter during an open Q&A session at the conference.

And no RV safety conference is complete without Mac the Fire Guy!