May 2013 Newsletter: Offline Google Maps, Blogs and Photos, Windows 8, Gabbing with Geeks

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Monthly Issue # 67 May 31, 2013                                          
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May – On The Road


We left Fort Lauderdale on May 4.  2,580 miles later, on May 31 we are parked at an Elks Lodge in Lusk, Wyoming.

We stopped at a couple of sights along the way that have been on our list for a long time: Florida Caverns, and Bellingrath Gardens.  We recorded our first ‘Gabbing with the Geeks‘ in a long time while at Florida Caverns.  You can see lots of pictures on our monthly photo Album.




RVSEF Lifestyle, Education and Safety Conference

RVSEF Conference

Our first rally of the season was this RVSEF Lifestyle, Education, and Safety conference.  It’s the same conference that we’ve done a couple times before in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  We’re teaching a few classes, but it’s a very small conference so there’s no stress at all. People come here to learn everything they want to know about RVing.   Some have been RVing for a while, some haven’t even bought their RV yet.  They come here to learn what they need to know – driving classes, electrical system classes, water system classes, lifestyle classes, and technology classes-that’s us!

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Calendar: Coming up in June/July

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Q&A Forum

Some Geeks on Tour members tell us that the Q&A forum is worth the entire cost of membership!  Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month:

  1. Help! I deleted a Page Element from my Blog
  2. Picasa to Dropbox?
  3. Emailing my List to Inform of New Blog
  4. Learning More about Making and Editing Picasa Collages
  5. Picasa’s Scans
  6. Posting to Blog with Live Writer

There’s always soRVTravel.commething of interest in the RVtravel Newsletter.  This week you can find out if you are a "Glamper." 

Read about that and more RV news in the current issue of RVTravel.

Preserving Your Travels with Blogs and Photo Albums in the Cloud

Preserving your Travels with Blogs and Photo Albums in the CloudIf you love traveling like we do, you want some easy way to hold on to the memories.  Years ago I kept large binders of photo albums and other books of journals.  They can get lost or destroyed, and they take up too much space.

Even before we bought an RV and adopted the vagabond lifestyle, we started a Blog.  I’ve always been a journal writer, but maybe you don’t like to write?  That’s OK, just keeping a Web-Based Photo album with captions on your pictures will be great.  This article tells you how we do it.  And, you can still get a book made of your photos and stories too!

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Using Google Maps Offline

Using Google Maps OfflineWe love Google Maps on our Android smartphones.  The only problem is that the maps come from the Internet.  So, if our phones are out of range of Verizon Internet Access, then we don’t have a map!  It happens to us very seldom, but for the last couple of weeks we’ve been in Colorado – driving into the Rocky Mountains.  There comes a point where your phone reports that it has NO data access, and you will not be able to see a map using Google maps.

This article tells you what to do …

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Windows 8 – 5 Tips to End Frustration

It's time to learn a few things in order to use Windows 8There is a lot to learn with the new operating system, Windows 8.  In this article we’re giving you 5 tips that we think will go a long way to ease your frustration.  We are not dealing with touchscreens in this article, we are writing for mouse and keyboard users.  When you buy a new PC laptop these days, it will come with Windows 8 whether you want it or not!  Small, touchscreens may have driven the changes, but Microsoft wants their operating system to work the same on all devices, large and small.

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For Members: New Tutorial Videos

Geeks on Tour Tutorial VideosNever Ending Learning!  Keep on learning new things on your computer and smartphones!  It’s easy, just sit back and watch.  These are for members only.  If you’re not a member, join today!

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