Podcasting Test

We are toying with the idea of doing a little podcasting.  But, it’s gotta be easy!  If we can figure out how to record the audio on our Droid phones and easily upload the file and put in a blog post like this, then we just might do it.

For this, I used the Smart Voice Recorder App on my phone, then I uploaded the resulting .wav file to a Podcast folder on our website and used a little bit of HTML5 code to emed the audio file here.  Let’s see if this works!

Our testing shows tis works fine with the Chrome browser, but not so much with Internet Explorer.  If it doesn’t work for you try this link.

Talking about Evernote

And here’s a video using JWPlayer and AWS S3

[jwplayer mediaid=”6201″]

3 replies on “Podcasting Test”

  1. CoolJudy says:

    Tried reading on my Kindle Fire gReader truncated the message so I clicked the browser button. Blog opened but the link did nothing. Browser is probably Explorer. I will try later on the Droid Maxx and the Toshiba laptop using Chrome.

  2. MerryMac says:

    Hi Chris,

    FYI, you came across loud and clear on my iMac while I was using Safari. WTG!

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