Pictures from Picasa to Blogger thru Google+

Don’t make it hard!  I’ve seen people go thru so many steps to get their pictures to show up in their blog.  They think that now, with Google+, the way they used to do it with Picasa Web Albums is all gone.  No!  It’s easy.  Google+ is the same thing as Picasa Web Albums.

Here’s my process. 

  1. I take pictures all the time and import them to my computer. 
  2. Using Picasa, I make them look better with a few clicks. 
  3. I upload the pictures that I feel are the best, or at least the most representative of my life at any given time.  I have joined Google+, so the button in my Picasa that used to read “Upload” now reads “Share with Google+”  I share with the public.
  4. Using Blogger I start a new blog post and, when I want to insert a picture, I use the Add Image button and then select the option for “From Picasa Web Albums.”  Remember, Picasa Web Albums and Google+ Photos are the SAME THING. 

Yes, it would be nice if Google could be more consistent with their language.  They’re calling it Google+ everywhere else, but they still call it Picasa Web Albums on this window in Blogger. 

From your Phone?

Did you notice the option for “From your phone”?  How does that work?  This is a Google+ feature.  If you have Google+ installed on your phone, there is a setting to automatically upload all pictures taken by your phone to a private album in your Google+ account.  I believe this setting is on by default, so it’s happening even if you don’t know it!  That album is what you’ll see when you click the option for “From your phone.”

Want to Watch the Tutorial Video?

If you are a member of Geeks on Tour, we have a whole series of tutorial videos on using Blogger.  Here’s the video that shows how to insert pictures from the web.  If you’re not a member, you can sign up here.