Gabbing with the Geeks: Windows 8

We recorded this conversation, using my Droid Razr and the free Smart Voice Recorder App.

Jim talks about Windows 8 while we’re out for a morning walk in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The audio is just under 10 minutes long.  Please leave some comments below.

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Link to Audio File: Gabbing with the Geeks: Windows 8

Honest! We did see Manatee in the canal while we were on this walk!

Look close! Those gray blobs in the water are Manatee.

3 replies on “Gabbing with the Geeks: Windows 8”

  1. I listened to the Windows 8 walk and talk on my Nexus 7 and Google browser. I teach computers to senior s at our local senior center. I had to get a Windows 8 system to teach the seniors that have new computers. The best feeling I get is when a person tells me they made a mistake buying a new computer and by the end of the first session, they are all smiles and are feeling better about using Windows 8.
    I know future audios will not have the huffing and puffing. 🙂

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