244.WM-What is a Track? *Free

Movie Maker is a free program from Microsoft.  It is part of the Essential series of applications.  This video shows you how to use the three types of tracks:  video, music, and narration.


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  1. Thanks for these videos. I’m looking forward to trying to make a movie of our vacation. There was a problem playing the video on “Tracks” however. All the other videos played without problem, but this one only played a few seconds and then stopped. This occurred after several attempts. I am most interested in adding narration and since I did not find one specifically on narration, I was hoping the video on “Tracks” would teach me how. Any help?

    • Douglas,
      Thanks for the note. I do have ‘narration’ on my list of videos to make. But, if you click the ‘record narration’ button on the menu – I’ll bet you’ll be successful. Yes, this Tracks video will help. I just tried viewing it and it played fine all the way thru – I don’t know what is going wrong for you. You might try a different browser. You can also use the ‘download’ link below the video to download the video to your own computer and play it there.

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