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February was for Computer User Groups


As I write this, we are at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida attending the FACUG 2013 Technology Camp as speakers.  It’s a beautiful property and we’ve had great weather. 

We’re speaking on our topics of Technology for Travelers, Smartphone Overview, and Smartphone Photography.  I will admit that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the delicious food here though.  It’s all included and it’sreally good!

Just in the month of February, we’ve given 14 presentations to different clubs around the state of Florida.  From a Smartphone presentation to the Riverside RV park’s computer club to Safe Computing for the Boca Raton Computer Society and Picasa, Blogger, and Photo Story for the Central Florida Genealogical Society.  It’s been a whirlwind of a month.

User Groups are a great way to continue learning about technology.  The Ass’n of PC User Groups can help you find a User Group Near You .

On a personal note, we had the sad task of attending funeral services for Jim’s Dad this month.  He was a wonderful man, leaving the family with lots of great memories.  We expect to be traveling to Arlington sometime in April to attend his military honors funeral.

Calendar: Coming up in March

TechnoGeek Learning Rally

Registration is still open for our third TechnoGeek Learning Rally in Bushnell, Florida March 26-30.  Come learn about lots of technology to enhance your RVing lifestyle!  Geeks on Tour Members get a 20% discount.  Hey!  That’s another reason to Join Today.  The rally is 5 days, including 4 breakfasts and 3 dinners.  There is an optional 2-day pre-rally focusing on smartphones, and an included 2 days post-rally Homework Help.

If it looks like we’re in your area, contact us to come to your RV park!  See our Frequently Asked Question: How Can I Get the Geeks to Come to My RV Park?

For more details, see our website Calendar . 

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Q&A Forum

Some Geeks on Tour members tell us that the Q&A forum is worth the entire cost of membership!  Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month:

  1. PIcasa: Deleted a Folder from Picasa in Error
  2. Android: FoxFi and PDANet+
  3. Streets and Trips: Using S&T map in Blog
  4. Picasa Collage into Blog
  5. Picasa Notification on my Android
  6. Picasa: Drawing a line or arrow
  7. Google+ Unlimited Photo Storage

RV Around Iceland!  Chuck Woodbury’s not kidding. 

Read about it in the current issue of RVTravel.

Use a Blogger Blog for a Club Website

Using a Blogger Blog for a Club WebsiteWe spend a lot of time teaching people how to use Blogger.com to keep a Blog. We define a Blog as a website with dated entries displayed in reverse chronological order. They are usually used as a journal. We keep a log of our travels on our Blog, as do many other RV travelers.

The reason blogs are so easy is because you use a web-based program like Blogger.com to make them. These are completely free.

What I want you to think about now is using the blogging software to create a club website.

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How to Make Your Email Hacker-Proof!

ImageI’ve been hearing a lot of people lately saying, "My email has been hacked."  What does that mean?  If your email has actually been ‘hacked’, it means that bad guys have obtained your username and password, probably thru some sort of phishing or just by hacking away at it with password-guessing tools.

They’ve been able to get into your email account, pretending to be you, read your email, gather any useful information they find in your profile, and copy all the contents of your contact list.  Most often, they use this information to send spam to everyone in your list.  It will look like you are soliciting all your friends for money.  You really don’t want this to happen!  This article will give you some tips and, for Gmail users, I’ll tell you how you can make your Email hacker-proof with 2-tier verification.

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Genealogists Need Picasa, Blogger, and Photo Story too!

ImageJim and Chris, of Geeks on Tour, presented a full day of seminars for the Central Florida Genealogical Society on Saturday, February 16, 2013.

We taught our standard topics of Picasa, Blogger, and Photo Story but with a focus on old family photos and stories, instead of our normal travel photos and stories.  The day was quite a success with many appreciative genealogists soaking up the information.  We had several offers from the group to teach us about genealogy!  So far we are resisting.  But we did learn a bit about how they want to use their pictures and blogs.

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Happy Computing!

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