How Can I Get the Geeks to Speak at My RV Park?

Q: I’ve enjoyed several of the Geeks on Tour seminars at RV Rallies and would love to have you visit my RV park and do the same here.  Do you do that? How much does it cost?

20070201_computer-seminarA: We love visiting RV parks and presenting our seminars!  First of all, your park needs to be convenient to our route and schedule.  You can usually see our upcoming schedule in our latest newsletter.  If the timing works out for us and your park, then here’s the deal: There is no charge to the park, but we do ask for:

  • A free RV site for us to park while we’re there
  • A facility to hold the seminar with screen and projector (we can provide our own if necessary)
  • The OK to sell our books, DVDs, and memberships to attendees
  • $10 admission per person, or $15 per couple for each seminar.  Seminars are usually 1.5 hours with a detailed handout, and time afterward (1 to 2 hrs) for Lab time and personal help.
  • If you know there will be more than 75 people in attendance, we will waive the admission fee

We’re negotiable!  If you have some other idea on how a visit to your RV park (or other club or venue) can be worth our while, we’re all ears!

“Blessed be the Flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape!”


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  1. Can’t help but wonder if you guys will ever head for the Rio Grande Valley in deep south Texas. We believe that there are over 600 RV parks in the Valley, inhabited with Winter Texans who are all hungry for computer, iPad, and smartphone knowledge. We are a very large group of retired, mostly mid-westerners, who are generally the finest people in the US (my opinion) and are very active very nice folks. Spending a well planned winter here in the Valley could be very productive for you both, and I, for one, hope that you will consider it.

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