233.PI-Folder Manager *Free

The following tutorial video shows you how to use Folder Manager to include any folder in Picasa’s View. Also to exclude folders from Picasa’s view.  If you want to watch another video on the same subject, try this older one: 153.Picasa’s Folder Manager.



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  1. I installed Picasa on my computer and when it asked which folders I wanted to be able to view, I clicked on my external hard drive, as that is where I store my photos. It appears that Picasa is downloading all those pictures from my external drive to my “C” drive. Is that the situation? If so, how do I stop that?

    Should I have probably just picked folders that I am presently working on?

    Thanks for any assistance.

  2. I have an iMac ext drive that is listed in folder manager that shows “scan allways” However this ext drive is no longer used to store my photos and has been renamed.

    I’m unable to remove this from folder manager by selecting the “remove from picasa” option. I can select that option and click ok, but it reverts right back to scan always.

    Is there another way to remove this from folder manger?


    • ‘Remove from Picasa’ should do it, but the better way is to go to Tools Folder manager, find the folder and click the red x.

  3. I hate it when I point Picasa to a single picture (to edit it) in a folder of hundreds, and then Picasa starts scanning EVERY picture in the folder. For that reason alone, I rarely use Picasa. Can I turn that feature off?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for tons of good info always.

    Regards, D.com

  4. How do I move pictures from one folder to another. I cannot just delete photo without removing from computer….right.

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