Geek Week at Thousand Trails, Peace River

We first met some of you during our 2006-7 winter season at the Peace River Thousand Trails park in Wauchula, Florida.  We love that park!  We had a great time that winter, spending 5 months at the park and doing our computer training.  Check out this little movie that Jim put together back in 2006.  That was the year that “Geeks on Tour” was born, and we’re excited to be going back!  We have 3 ‘Geek Weeks’ scheduled this winter:

  1. December 11-17
  2. January 11-18
  3. March 11-16

Seminars in the Meetin’ House

Promotions1Each Seminar will be followed by 2 hours of lab time if you want to bring
your computer and questions. Computers are not necessary for just the seminar.

  • Jan 11: Picasa Basics – Managing Digital Photos
  • Jan 14: Seminar on Making Movies with Windows MovieMaker
    sample movie: Kayaking the Peace River
  • Jan 18: Seminar on Smartphone Photography
  • Dec 12 1-2:30: Geeks on Tour Overview
    learn to use Technology to Plan, Preserve and Share your travels FREE
  • Dec 13 1-2:30: Picasa Overview
    a Free program for editing your photos ………………… $10 single, $15 couple
  • Dec 15 1-2:30 Smartphone Basics
    Understanding Android and iPhones ………………….. $10 single, $15 couple

Purchase tickets at the store, or pay at the door.


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  1. Can’t wait to see you again. We are at Torrey Oaks in Jan & Feb and hope to come to your seminar in January at Peace River. Always love your seminars and LOVE LOVE your newsletter. You guys have saved me so many hours by answering questions. THANK YOU THANK YOU AND SEE YOU SOON

  2. We live in Avon Park,fl and would like to come to the smartphone seminar on the 15th. Do I have to be a member of Thousand Trails to attend?


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