Smartphone Apps: Silence Mode Timer, Passport America RV Parks

image_thumb2Silence Mode Timer:

If I’ve missed a call from you this month it’s because we’ve just finished a month’s worth of presenting seminars where you need to turn your phone to silent.  I dutifully press the buttons on my phone so it will only vibrate and not ring.  Then I forget to ever turn it back on!

Hey!  There’s an App for that.  On my Droid Razr, I’ve downloaded a free App called SilenceModeTimer.  Now,when I turn my phone to silence mode, I get a pop up window prompting me to tell it when to turn sound back on.


On an iPhone, you’re not allowed to program system functions like phone ringing, so I don’t know of an app that can do this without jailbreaking your phone.  If you do know of a way to accomplish this on an iPhone, please leave a comment.

passport_thumb[7]Passport America:

If you travel by RV more than just a few weeks a year, a Passport America membership is a must.  With Half-Price discounts at hundreds of RV parks, the $44 annual fee is quickly justified.  And the Passport America smartphone App makes it oh-so-easy to find those parks, even while you’re on the road.

Just view the state map of where you are, and you will see a little icon of every Passport America Park in the State.  Click on an icon and you’ll see the details, phone number, website, directions, cost, etc.  Like what you see, just touch ‘Get Directions’ and Google Navigation will take over from there if you’re using an Android Smartphone.  The app is available on Android and iOS phones and tablets.


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  1. I don’t know of an app either for the iphone. I’m like you…always forget to turn sound back on. I just set an alarm on the phone to remind me! Works for me!

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