RVer’s Favorite Destinations Plotted on a Map at FMCA Convention

imageFor the last several FMCA conventions, Jim has provided computer support for an interactive session named RV Destinations.  People attending the sessions share their favorite destinations from their RV travels, and Jim finds those destinations using Google Earth.  Now you can have the results!  If you click on the map at right, it will take you to Google Maps with all the data as live markers. 

If you use Google Earth on your computer, you can download the Google Earth File to your computer, then double-click it to open up Google Earth with all the markers listed in your Temporary Places with a heading of IN12 – for the FMCA Convention in INdiana 2012.

The IN12 destinations recommended by our fellow RVers include: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Cherry Hill Park, Crater of Diamonds State Park, Colorado River State Park, Johnny Appleseed Park, Lost Colony … and many more.  Just click on the map above to see them all.

How You Can Share Destinations in a Map Like This

If you use Google Earth, you too can package up all your favorite destinations and share with friends.

  1. First make sure all the placemarks you want to share are being shown in your Google Earth viewer.
  2. Turn off any and all layers that are not necessary
  3. File –>Email –>Email View: This is the step that will package up all your placemarks and create a .kmz file out of them.  Use the email dialog box to send it to whoever you want, including yourself.
  4. When your friend receives the email, they can download the .kmz file to their computer, then open it and view your places in Google Earth.
  5. If you want to share it using Google Maps, there’s another step.  If you have something like Dropbox, you can save a copy of the .kmz file on the web.  Then, give your friend the URL to that file.  They can then go to Google Maps and paste the URL to your .kmz file into the Google Maps Search box.
    you can paste that URL into a Google Maps Search Box.  When you see all the placemarks showing, click the Link icon image at the top of the My Places list and copy the link to your map.

Past FMCA RV Destination Maps:

If you don’t use Google Earth, it’s actually easier.  Just go directly to Google Maps, log in with your Google account and create your placemarks in My Places.  Save it and then use the link icon to share it.


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