FMCA Indianapolis

We’ve been attending, and working, at the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Ass’n) conventions once or twice every year since 2005.  It’s always a pleasure, and it’s always different.

This year, in Indianapolis, the fairgrounds is a new venue.  There was a little confusion as to parking, but we ended up in a wonderful spot.

Motorhomes arriving at the Family Motor Coach Ass’n convention

Our parking spot

The neighborhood

Except for rain the first morning, we’ve had gorgeous weather.  We were booked for 2 and 3 seminars each day.  We knew it was going to be a busy week.

Facebook Seminar

We had good crowds for all our seminars.  It’s always interesting to see which one will be the most popular. For several years, our Picasa classes were clearly the most popular, but last year, Facebook won, and now, our Smartphone class had the biggest audience.  I don’t know exact numbers, but I think Smartphones had about 400 people in the audience, and another 3-400 watching remotely on the webcast.  These live webcasts are free for anyone.  We didn’t realize this was happening, so didn’t let our readers know.  I’m hoping they are recorded and will be available for viewing later, but we don’t have any information on that yet.

All our seminars this week are being filmed and presented live over the Web.

Jim is able to project his actions on a smartphone by connecting the iPad to the projector and aiming the iPad’s camera at the smartphone.

We also had a hands-on smartphone workshop.



And a Hands-on Picasa Photo Editing Class at FMCA Rally in Indianapolis
And a Hands-on Picasa Photo Editing Class at FMCA Rally in Indianapolis

So many people are telling us about what they’ve learned from us … it makes us feel so good.  That’s what it’s all about.  We especially like it when people show us something they’ve done because of what we’ve taught them.  Today we got a link to a youtube video that would have knocked me off my chair, IF I had been sitting down!  (Haven’t done much of that in a few days!)  We taught our Photo Story 3 class from 11:30 to 12:45 – it was webcast.  At about 3 o’clock, we got an email from Vicki in Quad Cities.  She wrote:
"I watched, I listened, I learned…  " 
She had apparently watched the seminar on the live Webcast.  During the webcast she took several screenshots of us presenting the seminar.  Then she used what she learned about Photo Story to put together this little movie:

How Cool is that?!  We get to see a little of what the Webcast looked like, and she shows us that she learned how to make a photo story by watching the webinar.  All done and uploaded to youtube, within a couple hours!

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