Jun 302012

Like Us On FacebookI’m sure you’ve seen them, those black and white, square codes.  Like a computer’s digital attempt at finger painting, these are called QR Codes for Quick Response.  They started with Toyota as a way to track cars thru the manufacturing process.  Because they can hold a lot of data and be read very quickly with a smartphone, they have taken over printed promotional media.  With one square inch (or even less) of space on a printed flyer, business card, or brochure, a business can disseminate an entire website of information.  A QR code can even be programmed to play an online video, a song, or show a map location.

It’s called a QR code – but it’s just a special type of Bar Code so all you need on your smartphone to read it is a Bar Code scanner app.

Here’s the video that shows you how to do it:


If you learned something from that – check out all our Smartphone tutorial videos.  The first few are free for all, the rest require a membership.

If you want to create a simple QR code of your own for a website URL – try the free service at www.createqrcode.appspot.com.


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