How to make photo collages with Picasa

I love Picasa’s Collage feature and use it almost daily.  Up until recently our Geeks on Tour Learning Library for Picasa only had one, older video about creating a collage.  There’s so much to the collage feature that it was impossible to make one of our short tutorials that would do it justice, so we made a series of them and put them together with some written instructions as well.  We call this a ‘Short Course’ and we expect to have more of them on other topics.

Here is one of the videos from the short course.  It’s about using Picasa’s collage feature to create a banner collage for your Facebook Timeline.

If you are a Geeks on Tour Member, you can view the entire short course.

The Short Course on Picasa Collages includes 7 Tutorial Videos and one Quick Reference Sheet

Picasa’s Collage feature gives you the ability to put multiple pictures together onto one page and create a new image.  You have several choices for arranging the photos.  Once you understand how to manipulate all the options, put it together with Text and other features of Picasa, you’ll start to see what a powerful tool Collage really is.  In order to teach you enough to get to that point, we’ve put together written instructions, several videos, sample collages, and a printable quick reference sheet, all on this one web page.  We call it a Short Course.  It’s all about collages, and nothing but collages.  Where needed, there are links to some of our other Picasa Tutorial Videos to teach some of the foundational skills you need.

  1. A Basic Collage – Mosaic Style
  2. Basic Collage: Picture Pile style and options
  3. Where is the Collage Picture Stored?
  4. Using Collage to Create a Banner Picture: Setting Size and Adding Text
  5. People Collage
  6. Using a Picture as Collage Background
  7. Using a Collage as Facebook Cover Photo
  8. Printable ‘Collage-Quick-Reference Sheet’

Samples of Picasa Collages

A simple ‘mosaic’ collage:


Using one photo for a background and one picture in the collage.

A Face Collage
A Banner Collage

We hope we’ve piqued your interest enough to check out the Collage Short Course.  If you’re not a member, why not join now?  You can become a member for as little as $7/mo.  We hope you’ll want to continue month after month, but you’re free to cancel at any time.