Picasa: How to make photo collages and banners with Picasa

Even though the Picasa software is now retired, I still use it all the time for it’s wonderful way to create collages. If you need the installation file for Picasa, we have it available for members.

Picasa’s Collage feature gives you the ability to put multiple pictures together onto one page and create a new image.  You have several choices for arranging the photos.  Once you understand how to manipulate all the options, put it together with Text and other features of Picasa, you’ll start to see what a powerful tool Collage really is.  In order to teach you enough to get to that point, we’ve put together written instructions, several videos, sample collages, and a printable quick reference sheet, all on this one web page.  We call it a Mrs. Geek’s Guide.  It’s all about collages, and nothing but collages.  Where needed, there are links to some of our other Picasa Tutorial Videos to teach some of the foundational skills you need.

If you are currently using Google Photos to store all your pictures, you can still use the Picasa software on your computer to make the collages. You just need to download the photos from Google Photos to your computer where Picasa can find them. Watch this video:

455.Making Collages with Google Photos or Picasa