May 252012

Q: I learn a lot from the videos, but I also have some very specific questions.  And, sometimes I need to ask what videos I should watch?

A:  If you have a technology question, please ask in the forum.  First you must be logged in.  Click on Forum in the menu, and make sure you see “Logged in As you in the upper right.  If not, then fill in the login form in the middle. Now find the topic appropriate for your question.  Click on that topic, then you should see a link to “Add a New Topic.”  Give your question a Topic Name – Subject.  Then type your question in the body and scroll to the bottom where you will see a button to ‘Submit Topic.’
Quick Video: How to Post to the Forum


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  1. Trying to download picasa3.9 without success. It always turns out to be picasa3 at the end of the download

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