Can we Call you on the Phone?

If you really have a 911 with our website, you can call us at 954-83-GEEKS. Please be aware that this number rings on our personal cell phones, our whole company consists of two people, Jim and Chris Guld, and since we live in an RV, we may be in any one of 4 time zones at any given time.

If you want phone support for a computer question – that is not included with your membership fee.  We can offer that service for $60/hr.  If you’re interested, please contact us and we’ll give you the details.


2 replies on “Can we Call you on the Phone?”

  1. Can you recommend a travel map program for our upcoming trip to the western national and state parks (from Florida)?

  2. We recently attended the near rally and signed up to receive your newsletter. We also received your one time offer for $40/year membership. We are still traveling and not sure if we have a secure connection. Is it possible to wait until next week when we are home and are sure of a secure connection to take advantage of this offer.

    Is my iPad using 3G through AT&T cellular a secure connection?

    Carol Blackall

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