Newsletter March 2012: Wi-Fi Security part 2, Facebook Timeline Cover Photo, Cloud Computing

Geeks on Tour

Kayak Diving in Fort Lauderdale

2012031Although we’ve had a mild and beautiful winter here in Fort Lauderdale, it has also been quite breezy and that’s not conducive to paddling your kayak in the ocean.  We’re getting ready to hit the road the first week of April, so we were thrilled when the weather – and the wind – cooperated to let us take advantage of the last day of lobster season.  We got both our kayaks, dusted off the scuba gear, and met our Kayuba dive club at the beach last Sunday morning. 

It felt so good to get wet!  There’s just nothing like paddling on the ocean and going scuba diving.  Check out this video we made a few years back to see.  Jim caught enough lobster for us to invite a few friends and have a nice surf and turf dinner. 

Techno-Geek Learning Rally

It’s not too late to register for our week-long immersion training in all things technology for Travelers!  It’s going to be a small group with plenty of individual attention as you learn to use your computer, tablet, smartphones, cameras, and more.

Highways Magazine
Chris’ article on Social Networking for RVers is published in the April/May issue of Highways Magazine.  ‘Get Away, Stay Connected: Why Computers, the Internet, and Social Networks are Perfect Companions for RVers’

Geeks on Tour published in Highways Magazine

Picasa Book on Kindle

Updated to version 3.9, this book will step you thru the entire process.  Import pictures from your camera to the computer, organize pictures into folders and albums using tags. 

The book explains all the different editing tools, including 3.9’s new side-by-side editing.  Ever wonder whether or not you should save a picture after you edit it?  All that is explained in simple language. 

Kindle price is $9.95 – instant download.


Public Wi-Fi is Unsecure – You Secure Your Computer

iStock_000015926728XSmallLast month we wrote an article about Public Wi-Fi being unsecure and focused on the security of your data that is being sent out from your computer.  The other issue in using Public Wi-Fi is unwanted guests coming INTO your computer.

This article reviews ways to keep your computer safe from intruders.

  Read the Article …

Facebook: Adding a Cover Photo to your Timeline

fb-menu2First of all – What is the Timeline?  It’s the new layout on your Facebook Profile.  Realize that your Profile is not your home page.  The Home Page is your News Feed – the place where all the news from your friends shows up.  Your profile is just about you. 

This article steps you thru adding or changing the big ‘banner’ Cover photo on your timeline.    Read the Article …

Why Travelers should be Excited by Cloud Computing

iStock_000016827851XSmallAbout a year ago, someone in our audience asked us to explain the TV ads for Microsoft where the people kept murmuring something about ‘To the Cloud.’  We explained that ‘The Cloud’ was just a new marketing term for the Internet – that’s true, but it has come to mean something more personal than that. 

This article takes you thru a little bit of history then identifies the major players in Cloud Computing today and how it benefits you. 
Read the Article …

More Tips this Month

  • A Different Kind of RV Rally: Learning Computers, Cameras, and Smartphones:If you are a typical RVer, you use a lot of technology.  How would you like to spend a week, with other RVers learning how to really use all those toys?  Read the full article …
  • Picasa Tip: Carbonite and Picasa
    f you use Carbonite to do backups online, and you use Picasa to manage the pictures on your computer, then there is a Carbonite feature you need to understand. Read the Full Article …
  • Picasa Tip: Adding Text to a Collage
    Question: As historian for a club of mine I just love Picasa’s Collage feature to put together the pictures I take of all the activities.  But, I need to identify the activities in the picture. Is it possible to add Text to the collage pictures that I have made? Yes!  Read the Full Article …
  • Picasa Tip: Framing Photos 
    Doesn’t a frame make a normal photo look like a work of art?  Picasa 3.9 has several options for framing your photos, and you won’t believe how easy they are.  Click for the Rest …

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