Why Do I Have to Pay for This?

Most of what we (Geeks on Tour) offer is free.  We’ve been sending our free newsletters to thousands of people since 2006.  Our entire PicasaTutorials.com website is full of free articles on Picasa.  The articles on this website are all free.   Basically anything written is free.  We only charge for our Tutorial Videos.  The membership fee on this website gives you access to all those tutorial videos in our ‘Learning Library.’  We let you try before you buy by making the first 3 videos in each topic free.  Membership also gives you access to our Members Q&A forum.  You can ask questions and we promise to respond in the forum.  Anyone can read the questions and answers, you must be a paid member in order to ask a question.  One important question, fully answered by us, can be worth an entire year’s membership fee.

With all the free help available on the Internet today, why would you pay us?  You pay for convenience and trust … and good teaching.  If you want to learn the topics we teach, it’s a lot more convenient to watch our tutorial videos that are all here than to search the Internet every time you have a question.  And, you can trust that we know our stuff.  Most people pay for membership after they’ve been receiving our free newsletters, sometimes for years.  Others become a member after attending our free seminars.  They’ve already learned from us and know that they can trust our information.  As a matter of fact, many of our members are pretty computer savvy themselves!  Our most devoted fans are other computer teachers because they know good teaching when they see it!  Many of them use our tutorial videos in their classes.

We make our living from this website, and our books and DVDs.  Our profession is computer training.  From 1983 to 1996 we had a ‘stick and brick’ computer training center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida called Computer Savvy.  Back then, we charged $1,000/day for our training!  Chris was the president of the International Computer Training Association in 1993.  Jim was a Microsoft certified technical instructor and the system administrator for the company’s computers and networks – roughly 100 computers on 4 different networks.  We love to live and travel in our RV, and with the Internet and video creation tools today, we can continue our computer training from the road.  We no longer teach the business applications like Excel, or WordPerfect – now we focus on computer training for travelers.  We teach about pictures, maps, and staying in touch.

Anyone who has attended on of our live seminars knows that we love what we do – they see the joy in our faces.  We love using computers and we love teaching even more.  Nothing delights us more than when someone tells us they learned how to use Blogger or Facebook, or Picasa from us – and their grandchildren treat them differently now!  We live our lives true to the philosophy of “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Our membership fee is the money … we hope you will learn from us, then follow!


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  1. While I go back a long way with the Geeks and I think you do fabulous work, I just could not justify the recent membership fee increase and decided to allow my membership to lapse. Keep up the good work!


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