Newsletter, Feb 2012: Ultimate Personal Computer for Travelers, Public Wi-Fi is Unsecure, Facebook vs. Google+

Geeks on Tour

Taking a Water Taxi Ride on Fort Lauderdale's New RiverWinter in Fort Lauderdale

We’ve been parked the whole month at our home park of Paradise Island RV in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We’d rather be traveling, but must admit it’s a pretty nice place to be in February!

Women in ECommerce
Chris has been named one of the Top #100Women in Ecommerce for 2012 by WE magazine.  Check it out – look for Chris Guld.

We are still busy presenting our seminars to Computer User Groups in Florida.  We expect to present to a couple of computer user groups in New York during our summer tour.  The RV Rallies on our tour include The Rally in Louisville, KY; FMCA area rally in Vermont, FMCA convention in Indianapolis, Escapade in Missouri, Gypsy Gathering in Ohio.

Visit our Upcoming Events page for more details.

Geeks On Tour

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Come to the Techno-Geek Learning Rally and learn about Computer Maps, Digital Photography and Staying Connected as you Travel. Small groups, Windows, Macs,  and Smartphones. 6 days of relaxed learning, hands-on assignments and lots of food and fun!

Rally registration is $165 for Geeks on Tour Members, $199 for non-members.  You can come in your RV and stay onsite, or you can drive in for the day if you’re not in an RV.  A 12 hour hands-on Computer Boot Camp will be held after the rally for an extra $45 fee or $120 if you’re not attending the rally.  Campsites are $25/day.

Read more, and register here.

The Ultimate Personal Computer for Travelers

We’ve been teaching seminars lately on Smartphones. We use our Droid phones to demonstrate all the cool stuff we can do with them. The excitement over Smartphones reminds me of when the Personal Computer first came out.
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Public Wi-Fi is Unsecure, Just like the US Mail

We keep telling people that it’s OK to use public Wi-Fi hotspots to do your banking online, but are we fighting a losing battle?  People hear that a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot is not secure, so they won’t use it … period.  We say, it’s true – a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot is not secure.  So what?
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Facebook vs. Google+

I use Facebook a lot.  I frequently post pictures and little snippets about my life on Facebook.  My Droid smartphone has a Facebook app that allows me to upload the pictures I take with my phone with just a couple of taps. I’m trying to get to know Google+ and I’m not having an easy time of it.  Not because it’s more difficult than Facebook but just because it is different, and I already know Facebook.
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More Tips this Month

  • Reorganizing Pictures in Picasa
    Many People are muddled about Folders, Albums, Flat View and Tree View.  Chris tries to clear it up in this Forum post.  Click for the Rest …
  • Picasa Tip: Resizing a Picture’s Height and Width
    The website instructions were clear, the image needed to be 960 pixels wide and 280 pixels high.  How can that be accomplished with Picasa? Read the Full Article …
  • Picasa Tip: Resize a Batch of Pictures
    So you tried uploading your pictures to eBay and they were rejected for being too large.  Picasa makes it easy to resize them all at once. Read the Full Article …
  • Why do I have to Pay for This?
    With all the free help available on the Internet today, why would you pay us?. Chris clarifies what is free and what requires a membership in answer to this FAQ.
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