How to Block Apps in Facebook

There are some fun games that people play on Facebook.  But what if you don’t want to play?  How do you stop all those game notices and invitations without unfriending the person?  What I’m talking about is items like the image below that show up in your news feed.  These games are Apps and you can block them by going to the public ‘Page’ for that App. Sometimes, you can use the offending game notice to navigate to the page where you can block it.

1.  When you see a game request and you want to block the game, the first step is to discover the name of the game.  Then you need to go to the App Page for the game.

2.You need to use Facebook’s Search feature to find the App’s Page.  Not the game, not the software, not the toy, but the Page.


3. You can tell you’re at the App’s Page if you see a ‘Like’ button and a ‘Play Game’ Button.  Directly below the banner image, at the right, click on the dropdown arrow and you’ll see ‘Block App.’



That’s it!  You won’t be hearing from that game again.  If you should ever change your mind, and you want to UNblock it, you can go to your account’s Privacy settings.  At the bottom, you’ll see Blocked People and Apps.  That’s where you can Unblock.

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  1. WOW .. that was fast… Wife went to a couple of your sessions last year at FMCA.. I was at part of one when time was available but she’s conversed with you on several things… I hadn’t thought of going directly to you…
    Thanks.I can now go get rid of them…
    Actually I couldn’t get rid of them this way because it would never let me go beyond the “permission Page”… but I found some other directions in their own privacy info and finally found a route to stop the.. or at least hide their notices..

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