New, Improved Learning Library

library2Big News at the Geeks on Tour website!  More videos.  More accessible.  Check it out.  Go to and click the menu for Learning Library and you’ll see all our topics; Basics, Blogger, Facebook, Google Earth, Internet on the Road, Photo Story 3, Picasa, and Streets and Trips.  When you click on any of those, you will now see a complete list of all the videos for each subject. 

Starter Lessons

A few of our topics, like Picasa and Blogger, have so many tutorial videos that they’re overwhelming. For those topics, we’ve added a special screen that organizes just the most important videos for beginners to watch. So, instead of navigating thru 50 different lessons to find the ones you need, you just click once on the Starter Lessons link and those 7-12 videos will just start playing one after the other. In less time than it takes to watch a feature movie, you will have learned the basics!

Three Free

Each topic has many videos.  The first three are free for anyone to view.  For the others, you need to be a paid member and login using the form at the top of the right sidebar.

Click any video to watch it, click ‘Back’ to return to the list.  Each video lesson has an introductory paragraph describing what is covered.  So, if it’s not what you thought, you’ll know before spending the time to watch it.

Use your iPad or Download Videos

Want to watch them with an iPad?  As you may know, iPad does not support Flash – which is required to view the videos on our website.  We’ve been working on this!  Now, below each video, you will find another link called ‘Alternate Link’, or Download.  If the main video doesn’t play, try the link below it.  You can also use this link to download the video to your computer for later playback offline.

Most Recent Show-Me-How Videos

In addition to seeing the tutorial videos listed by topic in the learning library, you can also see them by date using the Category Show-Me Video.  If you click that now, you’ll see that the most recent videos include how to Import Pictures from an Android Smartphone, How to plan a multi-stop trip with the Rand McNally GPS, and all about the new Facebook Privacy Settings.  Most of these videos require membership in Geeks on T our.  If you’re not a member yet, you can join before the end of the year and lock in our low $39/year rate.