Lock in Your Low Annual Membership Fee Now!

As Geeks on Tour’s website has grown and improved we have maintained a very low annual membership fee of $39. On the first of 2012, we will be raising that fee, but you can lock it in now by subscribing to our Annual Recurring Membership of $39. The recurring membership requires you to have a PayPal account, if you don’t have one, the sign up process will create one in the process of signing up – it’s really easy and we think everyone should have a PayPal account anyway.

Low $39 Annual Fee

One member has described it as ‘the best bargain on the Internet!’  You get access to over 200 video lessons on current computer topics, PLUS you get to ask any question in the forum and Mr. or Mrs. Geek promise to respond, PLUS you get discounts on our live classroom events … and there are more benefits on the planning table for 2012.

If we’re raising our fees in January, how can you lock in the low $39/year now?  By signing up for a recurring payment of $39/year.  You would pay $39 now, and your Paypal account will be automatically charged $39 on the same date in every subsequent year until you cancel your subscription.  That way you will remain a member and not be subject to any raise in fees.

What if you’re already a member?

If you joined or renewed in the last few months, you may have already taken advantage of the recurring subscription option.  If you don’t remember, just go to www.geeksontour.com and login using the form at the top of the right sidebar.  Right below the ‘Welcome …,’ you will see a line that begins with ‘Level:’  If your level is ‘Basic-Recurring’, then you’re already locked in at the $39 rate.  Congratulations!  You made the wise decision to be an ongoing member of Geeks on Tour for the low price of $39/year.  If however, you see Basic, then your membership will expire and you will be subject to the higher fees when you renew.

If you haven’t locked in the $39/year rate, it’s not too late.  For existing members, we have a special Subscribe and Lock-In button for $19.  If you take advantage of this, your membership anniversary will change to the current date.  In one year, your Paypal account will be charged $39 and every year until you cancel.  When you log in today, you will see the $19 renewal option. A PayPal account is required.

New Rates for 2012

As of January 1, 2012, our rates will be:

  • $7/monthly (recurring)
  • $58/annually (recurring)
  • $68/one year (non-recurring)

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  1. Would like to log in for your automatic recurring rate but Paypal and I don’t get along.
    They will NOT let me use a credit card there (don’t know why) and so they always
    want to take funds directly out of my bank account and that makes me mad. Any
    suggestions? Thanks. Loveya … Joline

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