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The lighthouse on Long Beach Island, where Jim lived during high schoolSeptember was a split month.  It started in Wyoming with the Escapade Rally, then we headed to the New Jersey Shore for Jim’s 40th High School reunion, and back to Ohio for the Gypsy Journal rally.  Along the way we stopped in Moline Illinois and presented a Picasa seminar to the Computer Club there.  October 1 we picked up Chris’ Mom at the Louisville, KY airport and spent the next ten days traveling back to Florida.

And that’s the end of our summer tour.  The next confirmed item on our schedule is next spring.  It’s our very own


Techno-Geek Learning Rally April 22-28, 2012 in Bushnell Florida

This will be a joint production by our friends from TechnoRV, and us at Geeks on Tour. Our focus will be on learning technology especially as it relates to RV Travels.   We will have sessions on cameras, computers, tablets, and smart phones, all focusing on how best to plan, preserve, and share your travels while staying safe and having fun.  Check out the details in the link above, and make sure to click that you’ll be attending!

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Geeks on Tour Members’ Forum

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Our Q&A Forums are a good place to ask questions (anyone can read the topics, you must be a paid member to ask a question.)  We promise to respond to any questions posted here, and we have several active members who also respond with valuable information as well.  Here are a few topics from the past month. Recent Articles

Did you know that we have a separate website to hold all our Picasa articles?  It’s You can view all our free Picasa tips there.  Here are the articles that have been published since our last Geeks on Tour Newsletter.

New Improved Learning Library

libraryBig News at the Geeks on Tour website!  More videos.  More accessible.  Check it out.  Go to and click the menu for Learning Library and you’ll see all our topics; Basics, Blogger, Facebook, Google Earth, Internet on the Road, Photo Story 3, Picasa, and Streets and Trips.  When you click on any of those, you will now see a complete list of all the videos for each subject. 

Starter Lessons

A few of our topics, like Picasa and Blogger, have so many tutorial videos that they’re overwhelming. For those topics, we’ve added a special screen that organizes just the most important videos for beginners to watch. So, instead of navigating thru 50 different lessons to find the ones you need, you just click once on the Starter Lessons …


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Lock in Your Low Annual Membership Fee Now!

As Geeks on Tour’s website has grown and improved we have maintained a very low annual membership fee of $39.  On the first of 2012, we will be raising that fee, but you can lock it in now by subscribing to our Annual Recurring Membership of $39.

If you are already a member, you can still subscribe now to lock in the annual rate.  When you’ve finished the payment process, be sure to register as an existing member to keep your same username, email, and password.  …

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Why You Need a PayPal Account


There are three parts to this article,

  1. Why you need a PayPal account to sign up for a non-expiring membership with Geeks on Tour
  2. Why we think you should have a PayPal account in general
  3. Why the scams you hear about PayPal are just that … scams … with a little bit of knowledge it’s easy to keep your account safe …

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Rogue Wave by Wave WiFi

Review by Jim Guld

We’re always looking for ways to improve our Internet connections on the road.  If you normally connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, you should look into the Rogue Wave for extending your reach.  It’s pricey, but most good things are!

Of the three ways to connect to high speed Internet on the road, WiFi, Satellite, and Cellular, WiFi can be the best. WiFi is available in many places and is reasonably priced and often free. WiFi was never designed to cover large areas or go long distances. It was made for small and home offices and Starbucks. Advances in technology and innovative designs can enable communication over much greater distances and over or through obstacles.

The Rogue Wave is a device to extend the effective range of a WiFi Hotspot . It works exceptionally well and is easy to set up and use. …


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Rand McNally TripMaker® RVND™ 7710

We’ve had our Beta copy of this GPS device that is designed specifically for RVers for almost 2 months now.  We used it to navigate from the Jersey shore to Celina, Ohio and then south thru North Carolina and finally to Florida.  There is a lot to this device and we plan to write several articles.  So far, we’ve concentrated on our favorite features and have written two articles.  Check them out and leave your comments.

Rand McNally TripMaker® RVND™ 7710: What’s up Ahead?: We found these features to be ever-so-useful while we were on the road. 

Rand McNally TripMaker® RVND™ 7710: Multi-Stop Trips: The RVND makes it easy to plan and save multi-stop trips.  This article includes a free video that shows you exactly how it’s done.


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