Geeks on Tour Newsletter, August 2011: Rally, GPS, Swype on Droid, Block Apps on Facebook

Geeks on Tour

RalliesAugust was a *busy* month.  Our two biggest rallies, FMCA Madison and Escapade Gillette, were both this month.  It was exhausting and exhilarating – *so* many people told us how much they learn from our seminars and videos, and it makes us feel wonderful.  In addition to our standard seminars with hundreds of people in the audience, we also gave some hands-on classes to small groups; one on photo editing with Picasa and another we call ‘Camp Reboot’ that teaches those computer fundamentals that you would have learned in school *if* you had computers back when you went to school!

Upcoming Tour Dates

Here’s our schedule for the rest of the summer. See our Event page for details.

Gabbing with the Geeks #13

gabbingIn case you missed it earlier in August, watch the latest ‘Gabbing with the Geeks’ and see Chris’ new office with custom furniture, two computers and three monitors. 

Also see Jim show off his new toy … an iPad2!. He shows how you can watch Geeks on Tour videos on the iPad now.


Jim and Chris are interviewed

John and Kathy Huggins of have a weekly audio podcast.  Last week we were their interview subjects.  You can listen at Living The RV Dream Podcast #122


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Geeks on Tour Members’ Forum

Screen Captures3

Our Q&A Forums are a good place to ask questions (anyone can read the topics, you must be a paid member to ask a question.)  We promise to respond to any questions posted here, and we have several active members who also respond with valuable information as well.  Here are a few topics from the past month.

Techno-Geek Learning Rally

Save the Date!  We have booked Paradise Oaks RV park for April 22-28, 2012 for our first joint RV Rally with our friends from TechnoRV.  Lots of classes, lots of gadgets, get all your computer questions answered and have a good time too!  See the Techno-Geek Learning Rally Event page on Facebook for more details.

GPS Coordinates with Google Earth and Streets and Trips

This article is going to explore the different notation used for entering Latitude and Longitude coordinates to find places in Streets and Trips.   Sometimes you may need to convert the coordinates you have to the format that Streets and Trips understands.  This article will show you how to make the conversions using Google Earth.

Question: My Garmin says
N 36 degrees 37.458′
W 92 degrees 08.017′
The Garmin will get me right here to the entrance of this ranch.  But when I try to put it in Streets & Trips 2011, I keep getting an error each time.  I am trying to locate Cloud 9, Caulfield, MO.  Cloud 9 Ranch is a membership park in the Ozarks and we are planning some events involving Geocaching.  We want to be able to provide people with the correct coordinates for whatever device they are using.

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Droid: From Email to GPS Navigation

droidYou know we love our Droids! This ‘touch an address’ feature, we just gotta show you. This is a very short video showing you how to simply touch an address and let Droid take you there!

Watch the Video …

Hate Typing on your Droid?  Try Swype Instead

swypeSwype is a new way to type on mobile/touch-screen devices.  Instead of needing to lift your finger from the screen after each character, you only lift your finger after each word.  You touch the first character of your word, then, keeping your finger on the screen, you swype to the subsequent characters.  When you’re done with the word, you lift your finger from the screen.  Swype deciphers what word was typed and it usually is correct.   If not, it gives you some choices.  Just touch the correct one.  Swype inserts your word and automatically adds a space so you’re ready to Swype the next word.

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How to Block Annoying Apps in Facebook

Fullscreen capture 932011 105351 AMWhen we presented our Facebook seminar to a packed room at the Escapade RV Rally this week, we got the most applause for teaching how to block Apps, so we thought it would be a good topic for a newsletter article! If you’ve used Facebook for any length of time, you’ve probably been annoyed by games and other apps that your friends may be playing. Many of my friends, for example, were playing Farmville. My Facebook home page was quickly overrun with invitations to play Farmville, and notices when a friend’s crop was doing well, or a pig needed some more corn?! I didn’t want to unfriend a person just because they were playing this game. Who am I to say what game they should or shouldn’t play? But, I really didn’t want all those notices on my News Feed.

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