I’m interested in the RV Lifestyle, what can you tell me?

It is a wonderful lifestyle, but it’s not for everyone.  You need to enjoy living in small spaces.  You need to value freedom above all, and enjoy change more than security.  There are *lots* of choices in RVs, as well as in where to travel.

The place where we talk about our fulltime RV lifestyle is in our personal blog.  We’ve been keeping this blog since just before we bought an RV back in 2003.  Feel free to browse thru it, or just search for specific terms.

There are lots of other websites devoted to sharing the RV lifestyle and teaching the things you need to know.  Here are a few of them:

Hitch Itch: We consider this the master list of all RVing blogs and websites.

Gypsy Journal: Nick and Terry Russell publish an RV Travel newspaper while traveling full time in their RV.  Nick’s blog is especially popular.

RV Travel: An online RV travel newsletter published weekly since 2001.

RV Dreams: All about fulltime RVing and especially full of information for those still thinking about it.

RV.net forums:  A Forum with thousands of people asking questions and sharing answers about RVing.

Living the RV Dream: This is the website of John and Kathy Huggins. They produce a weekly podcast about the RV lifestyle, and they started the wildly popular Facebook group called Living the RV Dream.


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  1. Those are all wonderful resources. Getting active on those sites can answer all of your questions. You have access to many professionals there. My personal recommendation is to remember that RVing is for fun, so don’t get impatient and make all the fun end.

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