Gabbing with the Geeks #13

Coming to you from upstate New York, this video was filmed inside the motorhome at Chris’s new office where she shows you how to turn a laptop into a desktop and Jim shows you his new iPad!  He’ll even demonstrate how you can play our Show-Me-How Videos on the iPad while it’s sitting next to your computer.  Just like having your own personal computer trainer at your side, but without having to set up a chair!  We talk about many other things as well.  Whenever a link can offer more information, we’ve added it below the video.


2 replies on “Gabbing with the Geeks #13”

  1. So, you were at Bass Lake! You were within about 2 hrs. of where we live. Very interesting. I enjoyed seeing this video about the ipad, but don’t know if I’m ready for one of those yet. I have about all I can do to navigate around the computer. I’m what is called “Completely Computer Illiterate”, but I do like to learn everything I can. (Not that it stays with me for very long, however). Anyway, I have it marked on my calendar about the webinar tomorrow and on the 12th. Now, if I can just remember to turn on the computer on time to watch, that will be good. We have been doing some extensive renovations here at home and it has kept us very busy this summer, so I don’t have an awful lot of time to spend on the computer. It’s always good to watch your tutorials, etc. Have a good trip out west!

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